Why LGBTQ Needed To Sexualize Superman

James R. Watkins | October 13, 2021

Why does a certain segment of the population feel a need to take established characters in our culture, someone like Superman, a fictional superhero that stretches back in the American consciousness for almost 100 years and sexualize him? 

Think about that for a moment.

DC comics, now owned by Disney, has decided to remake Superman in their image to appease the LGBTQ community, and in doing so, use the iconic brand to promote a pro-gay position with the hopes of normalizing homosexuality to (presumably) children.

Let me make my position clear. I have many family and friends who are gay. I have no issue with people who are gay. 

Part of the gay consciousness is acceptance, people want to be accepted for who they are; they desire to live free and express themselves openly, and being gay is something very important to people who are gay and to people who support LGBTQ. It was originally about fighting discrimination, which is why many jumped on board in support of things like LGBTQ Pride parades, and events showcasing talent that, perhaps in another time, would have been shunned, or worse, forced to conceal themselves for fear of humiliation or persecution.

Flash forward to the present and making Superman bi-, or gay, or whatever, is a childish act that stems from insecurity. Why does superman need to be sexualized? Why take an illusion, a cartoon character and stamp him with a sexual label. Let’s make Archie and Jugghead lovers, we’ve already done that to Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street, let’s make everyone gay. Would this suffice?

There comes a point when the self-identify movement becomes a joke, a satire,  a faux attempt to be smarmy and obtuse, in your face without reserve, traits you would associate with teenagers, not grown adults.

And it comes from insecurity. It wasn’t enough to make Wonder Woman a lesbian, to quench the thirst of culture warriors who want to make all girls into men (for reasons I do not understand) and all boys into feminized versions of themselves to make masculinity appear less toxic.

Therein lies the truth. Men intimidate women because of their sexual prowess. The antidote? Make them less male and more female, which is what Superman now is, no longer super, but just like every other human, with tendencies, proclivities and desires, even sexual ones that distract him from saving the world, after all, like Kamala Harris said just a few days ago to onlooking child actors, “embrace your individuality,” something that suggests narcism should now be celebrated as a virtue.

For me Superman gets added to my ever-growing list of things to ignore having now been trivialized and reduced to nothing more than transient cultural phenomena. The message of Superman, of righteousness in a world gone mad, of someone who is intrinsically good, has been reduced to a gay dude on the prowl for chickenhawks.

And this is why I hate what Disney has become. Old Walt would have something to say about that, but he is dead, just like his dream of making something every family could enjoy without fear of being proselytize to.

That magic is no longer in the room.

Mark my words, Jesus is next. Soon we’ll have shows where “experts” will claim Jesus only had men as his Apostles because he might have “issues.”

Hmmm, wonder what that could mean…?

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