Self Inflicted Wounds

James R. Watkins | October 12, 2021

The way we dealt with COVID-19 was idiotic. We quarantined the healthy along with the vulnerable (older people with underlying sickness), we destroyed economies and continue to be motivated by unscientific and purely political policies, all of it self-inflicted.

Add to this the Climate Crisis hoax and we deal ourselves another self-inflicted wound, create conditions which make energy scarce, forcing people to pay more, slowing down economies all to avert a massive global heatwave because some scientist 40 years ago showed us a hockey stick chart and we all believed it.

You do realize that every prediction on climate change to date has been wrong, off, or completely non-existent? Has the earth warmed slightly, yes. But this is part of a normal cycle, as any astrophysicist will tell you. That we had an industrial age that coincides with a warming trend does not mean the industrial age caused the warming trend. But some Malthusian convinced stupid Al Gore to buy into it and we have been off to the races ever sense.

But wait. There’s more.

Let’s see how much more we can screw things up. Let’s force children to take a vaccine they don’t need just to make ourselves feel better about a disease that strikes no more than .2 percent (2 out of a thousand) people on a good day.

Let’s also force people to do what we want, use the media to shame them and make them angry, then call the FBI if they protest. But if you protest racism or homophobia you are allowed to destroy property, inflict harm on people and the law will look the other way.

Oh, and let’s also allow tons of dangerous and highly addictive narcotics stream into our Southern border courtesy of Chinese lab workers who love making fentanyl so that our streets get littered with zombified addicts who are one injection away from an overdose.

Self inflicted.

You see, human beings have a strange propensity to mess things up because we believe too much in our own theories about how things should be. Instead of strengthening families (which are the cornerstone of any enduring civilization), we destroy families with a theoretical it-takes-a-village approach where Johnny can be Mary, Mommy doesn’t need daddy and daddy is a patriarchal symbol of misogyny that can no longer be trusted, especially if he loves his country, because people who love nationalism are in fact the problem. Let’s undermine those people.

Self-inflicted wound.

And while we are at it let’s also undermine the military with progressive instruction like drafting women, making sure soldiers are allowed to undergo sex-change, and if possible, let’s teach future warriors in basic training that it is really American that is evil because of our systemic racism. Then we can send them off to war to protect a country that, according to our commander-in-chief, isn’t really worth saving after anyway.

Self inflicted.

Did I mention it was not a good idea to leave fifty-million dollars worth of ammunition in the hands of a tribe who considers every single American a child of Satan? And that the importation of 100,000 Afghans without checking their histories is probably not a smart policy?

Mucho self inflicted wound, to be sure.

One more thing. Let’s raise the national debt so high in the country that money becomes essentially no more valuable than the paper it is printed on, so we can encourage people not to be productive, subsidize poverty and call it equity, and then force companies to fire people if they don’t take an experimental jab of a vaccine for a virus that we helped to fund into creation.

Ouch. Let me stab myself in the eye now.

Oh, and one more thing. Let’s call infanticide a personal freedom so that young mothers can be deprived of that supremely loving experience of having and raising children.

Self inflicted wound.

The best strategy going forward: learn to live on less, stay away from mainstream media and if possible, don’t be afraid to speak up when freedom and liberty are challenged. Eventually this crop of crappy leadership will subside. We may even commit partial genocide, but hopefully the ones who survive will be the smarter ones who can rebuild society once the current morass is complete.

If you want to join me please sign up for my daily blog. Feel free to donate a few shekels to the cause and know this, I am on the inside looking out, I believe in humanity because I believe God loves us, despite our faults. Tough times ahead, but we will endure. God is on the side of the righteous and the righteous are naturally bothered by what we see today. 

Intrinsically you know what we as a society are doing wrong. Doing the right thing is taking one for the team. So let’s stick together and get through this. I personally know many people throughout the country doing incredible things in their own towns and it is inspiring.

Hope is not lost.

One comment

  1. Thanks Jim, your writing is comforting in many ways. The big problems of the day are obvious and it all stems from an ever expanding government. I’m Not for mandates, not for open borders, not for soft on crime, not for senseless wars, actually not for any wars.


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