Saving The Planet – The New World Religion

James R. Watkins | October 11, 2021

Some questions to ask about Climate Change.

1. How will we know when we have lowered our carbon footprint enough to offset climate change?

What ecological events will we use to measure our success (or failure) and in what time frame?

So, for example let us say that every country somehow magically reduces its usage of fossil fuel consumption by half, 50% and we do this for 10 years, will we see global temperatures reduce in that time? Do we know? Is there any scientist or “expert” who can tell us how they plan to measure our success in terms of actual data?

What if, with fossil fuel usage now under control, the global temps drop by 1.5 degrees average, will that data be measurable right away, or will we have to wait a few years? How exactly do we measure it? And what if we have a year when 10 volcanoes erupt (like we are having this year), how does that affect our progress?

And if we are somehow able to reverse the course and lower the GMT (Global Mean Temperature) and save the planet, will the ice caps be restored in short order? and if so, will the seas slightly lower? will there be less hurricanes and less heavy tornado seasons in America and elsewhere? How will we know for sure?

What happens if the cooling doesn’t stop and we have made an error in our calculation about fossil fuel usage reduction and we drop 3 degrees instead of 1.5, could this trigger an extreme cold event? and since more people die in cold weather than in warm, will all animals and plants be impacted?

What about rain fall, if we reduce annual rainfall in places like the Amazon or the Western United States, could this reduce foliage and crop growth?

What effect will global cooling have on El Nino and La Nina ocean warming? What unforeseen impacts could this create for Mexico and South America? More rain, more drought? How will we measure the impact?

What if our attempts to lower the GMT affect Atlantic trade winds and they shift, and places like Europe and North America go dry while the Middle East once again becomes the fruit basket of the world, how will this change human migration, for the better, for the worse?

We don’t know.

World leaders speak about climate change as if the world is just one big Google Nest thermometer we can adjust at will to a desired temperature setting, assuming a simple reduction in carbon output will automatically lower the earth’s temperature. This is taught in school as an undeniable fact and we have entire industries being subsidized to the tune of billions of dollars per year based on a simple principle that, as of yet, has never been actually proven except in computer models.

But look at who benefits.

Right now oil is hovering at $80 per barrel. Russia benefits. Mobile and Shell Oil benefit, Saudi sheiks benefit.

Meanwhile, China and most of Europe are experiencing an energy shortage because nations have capped coal and oil production (which provided cheap electricity). Renewables don’t produce more than 7-10% of what is required to keep civilization going, so powering hard-hit countries is already 20-40% more expensive – not just for Europe and China, but EVERYWHERE. 

Petrol is only going to go up in price and become more scarce, but we are told it is in our interest to pay because we are (say after me) “saving the planet.”

How is this any different from the money plate they hand out in Church that is used to “save souls and to save the world from its sinful ways?

Gas in the U.S. is hovering in the mid three dollar per gallon range, up 50% from one year ago when the U.S. was leading in the world as the producer of cheap oil and natural gas. Now we are “saving the planet” and it’s costing us in the pocket because according to Joe Biden and Jen Psaki, “climate change can’t wait,” whatever that means.

Energy companies are once again winning huge profits, some of which go to funding political campaigns. Not only do these companies reap rewards for producing more expensive energy, but they also get subsidized by government policies for their efforts to “save the planet.”

Climate Change has become a religion. People believe in it because it’s a worthy cause. It gives people something to believe in and makes them feel good when they contribute to it in some small way, like paying more for energy, or allowing for carbon taxes to punish “heavy polluters.”

Florida Power and Light (FPL) is charging customers more to help offset costs in building renewable energy grids. We get to pay more for “cheap” energy so energy companies get a subsidy tax break.

Pass the money plate.

But is it based on science?

The masses have so fully accepted Climate Change as a crisis and as a matter of faith even people who question or disagree are called “deniers,” and are shunned as heretics. IN science if you question climate change you lose funding, you are a danger to the system. Even The Weather Channel has jumped on the bandwagon and points to almost every weather disaster as proof of climate change.

And yet, no one can answer the questions posed at the beginning of this article. How will we know when we are winning the war on climate change?

What I observe are political leaders using climate change to usurp money and power from people (just like they are now doing with COVID); leaders who have convinced us we us must suffer in order to “end the climate crisis.”

I am profoundly amazed and equally disturbed to witness the willingness of so many supposedly intelligent people to allow themselves to be mislead by the so-called climate crisis –  just to feel good about “saving the planet.”

Sacrifice, penance, redemption, saving the world from its evil ways.

Sounds like a religion to me.


  1. Most religions are evolutionary, many contain morsels of truth. Climate Change offers people who have religious impulses to direct their energies towards something that provides them a certain amount of emotional satisfaction, but does it bring people closer to God? That is the question.


  2. Reading some of your earlier posts and articles, I’m assuming that you’re a christian. Christianity is a religion, and ALL religions are based on falsehoods, non-provable doctrines and the neck-crushing boot of GUILT and FEAR. How is the religion of climate change any worse (or better) than the indoctrinated insanity of organized religion, no matter what tributary of that vile stream one follows? IT’S ALL BULLSHIT!!!


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