A Bad Week For The United States

James Watkins | October 8, 2021

There were four huge events this week that should irritate all U.S. citizens.

  1. The Justice Department announcing parent protesters could be investigated as domestic terrorists
  2. The City of Los Angeles approving a measure that would restrict the unvaccinated from enjoying pretty much anything in public
  3. BIden wants the IRS to have access to everyone’s bank account
  4. Biden is still pushing vaccine mandates even though cases and deaths are dropping and as new and improved therapies continue to be ignored, putting millions of people’s lives at risk.

I really believe Joe Biden and certain leaders in our government have a great disdain for people of the United States. Compliance, it seems, is the new woke attitude. If you don’t comply you are considered a threat, a nuisance to society, by the media, by fellow citizens and yes, even by the Pope, who most recently said it is our duty to God to take the jab.

The power grab is an assault on our rights as human beings. They don’t even hide the fact they are making our lives difficult for us. Creating a two-tiered system for consumers, firing people who don’t comply, and then threatening to shut people down when they protest looks eerily of Germany in 1934, or Cuba in 1962, or Venezuela in 2021.

Even the media is pushing the narrative that every single human in the U.S. (except those who just passed through Del Rio) that you will need to vaccinate or you will be treated as a second class citizen and you will eventually be removed as much as possible because you are toxic.

It sure sounds a lot like wearing the Star of David, and I don’t use the comparison lightly.

I wonder what it must have been like to be a Jew in Germany (or a Slav) in 1932 as you start to see people looking at you with disadain and malice, or when you can’t go into a building even though you still had your shot, or when you see a news story where someone you like or admire is vilified for expressing non-compliance.

It becomes depressing because you know it may be too late to change. Everyone seems to be caught up in a fever that see’s no sign of ending.

And at the head of it all is that snarling, sweating, gray old man, a man who has been a sneering politican stretching back into the 1970’s who, now, to express his great displaeasure, has to read a teleprompter on a fake Oval Office set to tell you he has lost his patience with YOU!

I think my team, the common sense people, the citizens of realville, could certainly use a home run right about now, something that proves to these shmucks in control that they are wrong, we are right and we also hope you rot in jail for all of the stupidity we have had to endure since Trump left office.

If you go back to my early blogs I nailed every prediction, that Joe would win through fraud, that Kamala would get into the White House, that the pandemic came from China and was ignored by DNC, that gas prices would jump on Joe was in office, jobs would disappear, businesses would shutter and the nations’ moral would be exactly where it was in 2008 when Obama was busy ‘transforming America.’

I was right, but it didn’t matter.

I pray every night that when I wake up Joe Biden will have fallen ill, or got hit by a bus. I have never felt that way before, but his arrogance is quite disturbing and borders on evil. He is a sociopath. We have a president I believe could a sociopath, or a bitter old man who is now squaring up a few political scores.

I know this now. I didn’t know it would be this bad. I underestimated his deep-seated anger towards the American people.

People have died under Joe Bidens’s leadership that should not have died.

He doesn’t seem to care. He ruins lives every minute and gives little concern. This should concern everyone.

One year ago our healthcare workers were celebrated as heroes. Now Biden has created circumstances that have resulted in these heroes now being fired, lives are being ruined.

And yet he smiles because he says “we are making progress.”

And yes I know Kamala would be president if Joe left. But I don’t care.

Sadly, at this point Kamala would be an improvement, and that is how bad it is.

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