Counting The Days

James R. Watkins | October 7, 2021

One would assume the world would be a better place if we were told the truth and could act accordingly. But such is not the case.

Today I went to see my doctor for a quick check up. I was on time and when I walked into the lobby I saw no less than ten other people sitting with masks on. It was not a large lobby and there might have been one or two empty chairs. Masks were required and then it hit me. Every single one of us, healthy or not, vaccinated or not, ill or otherwise, had to wear a meaningless mask because the doctor is ordered by the top government health agency to require masks at his or her business; if he or she wishes to not be fined by the federal government for not following CDC guidelines, we all need to mask up.

It was rather warm, I sat in the one seat left, and for no less than five seconds I could smell the sweat rising in the room. It didn’t help that the huge ceiling super fan wasn’t on. We all just sat there, looking into our smartphones, wearing our stupid masks waiting for the doctor to call our names.

Joe Biden got to us. It didn’t matter the masks do nothing to prevent the inhalation of coronavirus. It didn’t matter that 72% of all Floridians have been vaccinated, 85% of those over 60, which made up the bulk of those waiting to see the doctor. It didn’t matter that Florida has seen a 90% drop off in cases and deaths in the last three months. None of this mattered because science doesn’t matter to Joe Biden, control over us does so that he can feel like he is tackling the problem and making everyone safe under his watch.

Which is exactly why I rescheduled my appointment and left. 

You see, I am all about doing what’s important if it helps everyone else. It’s why I took the damn shot, it’s why I wore a mask for over a year anytime I went anywhere, it’s why I don’t complain too much about lockdowns and mandates, because I am get along go along for the most part, just like you.

But there just comes a point where you realize, like when you take off your shoes before getting on an airplane without thinking about it, it’s game over. They won. Those bastards who think they know better and who created this virus in the first place are really calling the shots “for our own good” whether we like it or not.

But today, I don’t care. 

I can’t control much but I can control my space and what’s in it until I step out my front door. And they can’t take away the disdain and contempt I have for them any more. 

I rest in solace knowing one day soon they will be gone because we get to vote every four years, and I assure you everyone sitting in that lobby felt the same was as me and are just counting the days.

“F*uck Joe Biden”

James Watkins is a media consultant and host of the Candidly Speaking Podcast

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