Are We Willing To Risk Our Children’s Safety?

James R. Watkins | October 6, 2021

During the 1960’s in a rush to vaccinate children from polio, China instituted a massive campaign to vaccinate all children with a drug they believed would prevent the spread of debilitating disease. 

Instead, and because it was a faulty vaccine, hundreds of thousands of children ended up with severe mental retardation, many died young, those who survived didn’t survive long beyond their teens and China never wants you to remember this event. Millions suffered.

Today, in a rush to vaccinate children around the world even though children have the highest natural immunity against Sars-Cov2, entire governments are in a rush to give kids a jab. Science has shown children do not spread Covid-19. Teachers stayed home last year because of this unfounded fear, to them little kids were killer bugs, and there was no science to back any of this up. It was mostly fear of older people (like teachers) getting ill.

There are several theories as to why COVID-19 doesn’t strike children very often, among them the fact that many kids have robust immunities because of the MMR vaccine they received before going to first grade. Children also expose themselves to a variety of viruses everyday, so they build up immune response to various flu bigs, sometimes they even get sick, but they survive to see another day. The fact that science doesn’t even know why kids seem to be immune from COVID-19 should itself be a warning NOT to inoculate children yet until we know more about why they are less susceptible; but we listen to mainstream news which echoes the propaganda from pharmaceutical companies who pay billions in ad revenue annually to make sure you consumer their products.

Here are just a few concerns you as a parent shoudld have about the coronavirus vaccines:

It has been shown to cause heart inflammation in younger people in a higher proportion to other age groups

It can cause neurological disorders like Bell’s palsy, over 3,000 people under the age of 25 have had this reaction. It is also called “droopy face” where on side of your face is paralyzed.

It can cause death. To date over 16,000 have died within 72 hours of getting vaccinated, and while young people are least likely to die, they are also least likely to get sick from COVID. 

These are numbers from the Center for Disease Control.

It is not without merit for doctors to suggest prevention of COVID-19, which is no doubt a deadly virus we must take seriously. And in every study we see older people with underlying comorbidities as the most at risk of dying. With each passing month we develop better and better therapies that mitigate death from COVID-19, and despite our media ignoring some of these therapies for reasons previously stated, people are figuring out how to mitigate Covid 19. 

People understand life is risky and not all death is preventable. But who wants to be the first doctor to take a microphone and explain why, god forbid it should every happen, hundreds of thousands, even millions of children, could be permanently and seriously harmed by a new vaccine therapy that has already shown to have very serious side effects?

What will the dear Dr. Fauci have to say to you when your child becomes permanently disabled, or worse, dead, like the Michigan mother who lost her 13-year old daughter just days ago from getting a vaccine she had been told was safe?

If the rush to get kids vaccinated were science based, I would be in full support. But there is still much we don’t know about the potential side effects the various viruses we are injecting into ourselves. As an older male I weigh the risks. But I am not 9 years old with my life ahead of me, and if this drive to jab is profit-based and has no real bearing in science, then shame on us.

Shame on you fellow citizen. This is where critical thinking applies, for the sake of our kids who are as innocent as the day is long, we need to be absolutely sure we are doing the right thing.


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