The Water Is Now Boiling

James R. Watkins | October 5, 2021

For those paying attention, the head of the Department of Justice, appointed by President Joe Biden, is now meeting with thirty Attorney’s General and FBI to develop a plan to monitor those citizens who “pose a threat to any school board official” who feels they have been personally attacked verbally by parents who complain about curricula and mandates being forced upon children.

We have seen the videos on TV, parents showing up at school board meetings objecting to mask mandates and most recently, the introduction of critical race theory (CRT) to instruction. Some parents are showing up to object to sexual material being taught under the guise of “tolerance and diversity,” introducing what is essentially pornography to K-12 students, and these parents are rightfully outraged. 

Many thousands of parents across the country have expressed their anger and have threatened some board members that “action will be taken” if they continue to mess with children’s minds with new theories that undermine a parents moral standard. Such actions are request for removals from the Board, or parents threaten to file complaints. The right to protest is endemic to our free society, it is a guaranteed human right.

Mind you no parent has yet to get physical, nor have any death threats been issued. Regardless, school board members believe they are in danger, and such parents who are visibly angry or who use strong words are to be considered threatening, and as such, Garland is now labeling these parents as potential “domestic terrorists.”

The National Education School Board Association sent a letter to the Attorney General requesting such measures be taken so FBI agents can investigate parents who may be deemed threatening. Garland complied with the association’s demands and this week is meeting with agencies throughout the country to introduce procedures in “dealing with the outbreaks” as they occur throughout the country.

Let that sink in.

Parents concerned about what their children are being taught in school and who show up to complain about it to local school board members could be labeled domestic terrorists – and be investigated as such – because school board members now have the power of the federal government on their side to intimidate and investigate protesting parents.

If you don’t call it totalitarianism, then exactly what is it then?

Government mandates masks for all children, and now vaccines. Parents complain. FBI investigates at the behest of board members who feel “threatened.”

The ‘water is now boiling’ metaphor, for those who do not know the reference, is about the loss of freedom to the frog who never knows he is cooking because the water is gradually warming so by the time he realizes it, it is too late.

Everyday a little bit of freedom is removed from us until one day we wake up and we realize we are no longer living in a free country, where law enforcement can be used to take out those who object to having their freedoms taken away. This isn’t just one more small step, this is citizen using government to keep people quiet, using intimidation and the force of law to quell dissent at the local level, even when people are trying to protect their children from harmful indoctrination, or being used to further a political gain.

Our country’s top law enforcement agency will now be weaponized, by mostly glorified hallway monitors-now-turned school board members who mostly lean politically Left, to deal with parents who object to government mandates that undermine parental authority. In some counties there have been tip lines set up to allow people to report any parent who acts in a “suspicious manner.” Tip lines?

Do I really need to tell you this is exactly how things operate in Communist China?

When certain doctrine is introduced into schools, like Xi Thought, for example, parents don’t object in China. If they do, law enforcement is brought in and  parents are taken to detention centers and examined. If they continue to be “problematic,” they can be sent to re-education centers (labor camps) until such time they are no longer deemed a threat to the State.

Is this what we want? Are those snowflake old crabs who have nothing better to do than get elected to school boards so they can push parents around really wanting to lead us down this path?

In our country, there will be no need for re-education camps, we have instead a system called the Department of Children and Families, a government agency that can legally remove children from parents who are deemed abusive, or a threat to children. It was set up to deal with abusive parents, an idea that had good intentions but now has been weaponized, as we now see, based on who holds political power. Just recently California governor Gavin Newsom signed into a law a bill which allows children to seek sex-change therapy without informing parents. Health providers are NOT, I repeat NOT allowed to inform parents if their minor child decides to change his/her sexual identity through hormonal blockers and surgery.

Can such a parent be deemed a threat? Would a child be forcibly from removed from the custody of the parents if a parent objects?

Imagine going to a school board meeting to object to the introduction of sex education to your six year old girl, or perhaps you don’t want your fifth grader to be introduced to a study of white privilege, and upon going home you are visited by a couple of FBI agents, or worse, representatives from the DCF to make sure your kids are safe, what would you do? 

This is the new America, where people who are against you politically can now use law enforcement to intimidate, or threaten you in ways that could harm your reputation, or worse, cause you to lose custody of your children.

What if you post something derogatory on Twitter and a school board member see’s it and deems you a threat, could they “tip off” the FBI?

They can now, thanks to Merrick Garland, a man who sees people who are non-compliant as a threat to national security. 

It is almost as if the body of the nation now has an auto-immune deficiency where the body attacks perfectly healthy cells because it think they are a threat. 

I just hope those who support this regime wake up before it’s too late, because if you think right-wingers are the only ones in danger, you don’t know your history.

First they came for the trumpers and I said nothing, then they came for the parents, and I said nothing; then they came for the carbon wasters, and I said nothing; then they came after the wealthy, then parents who object to their kids being sexualized, and I said nothing, then they came for me because I didn’t take a knee fast enough and raise my fist in solidarity to the New Order.

Jim Watkins is the host of Candidly Speaking podcast

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