In this 9-minute video Ireland Hospital Manager Kieran Morrissey discusses his findings and concerns about vaccines, and in particular, how the COVID vaccines may be connected to a soon-to-be emergence of Marburg’s Disease, a highly infectious virus that causes hemorrhaging and death. Morrissey suspects the world is being prepared for this next stage virus and the covid vaccines are causing similar illness now, and how medical leaders will falsely identify Marburg’s disease as a cause, or as a new Covid variant that has Marburg’s-like symptoms, which will create panic.

Morrissey says his research shows we can expect governments to start an introducing a new ricin-based vaccine which will be forthcoming as a “treatment” and could result in even more deaths than Covid-19.

Hospital Administrator based on Dublin, Ireland, provides his theory about the new covid vaccines produce similar adverse effects as Marburg’s disease and how the two may be connected.

While we cannot verify what Mr. Morrissey is true, he does offer material he deems to be self-evident, allowing him to make such claims as a warning that “we must stop taking the covid vaccine in order to prevent this other disease from emerging.”

Here is how the World Health Organization describes Marburg’s Disease:

It should be mention just today the European Union issued a warning on both the Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines stating they have caused hemorrhaging among younger patience who’ve been recently vaccinated.

According to the CDC’s VAERS data nearly over 752,000 vaccine adverse effects have been reported in the United States since January 2020, including just under 17,000 fatalities.

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