My Name Is Bob Smith and I Wish to Seek Political Asylum from the United States

I am a 59-year old white conservative Christian and I would like to declare asylum for protection from my country’s government.

My government promotes indoctrination through national education policies which specifically targets my race, my religion and my political views as dangerous, thereby making me a subject of hatred and bigotry and possible physical assault.

One of the top law enforcement agencies in my country has declared my race and my political view as both extremist and subject to incarceration at any time even if I just express my views on social media. 

On some websites my free speech has been curtailed through unlawful censorship, and the current leader of my country has stated I am a biological threat to my fellow citizens and has threatened to force my company to fire me. In addition, I am now required to show proof of government compliance without due process if I wish to have freedom to travel on any public or private transportation. 

The president of my country has even curtailed or misdirected potential life-saving medical treatment to punish his political opponents in the State which I live and for people who are most vulnerable to Covid. I am not allowed access to certain life-saving drugs for purely political reasons. I am a target of my ruling government.

It is for these reasons I am seeking asylum. My home nation has declared me a criminal without due process and my very safety is now in question by those who support the current regime. I have been portrayed as dangerous and morally reprehensible; even the director of a national news organization publicly promoted “people like me should be sent to re-education camps for indoctrination.” 

I worry such a threat may indeed be carried out in due time under the current situation since the ruling Executive of our country is in political alignment with media influencers who promote such ideas of political indoctrination camps.

I wish to seek asylum in your country until such time I feel it is safe to return to my country without fear of attack or of being imprisoned without due process.

Bear in mind I have a no criminal record, I have never been incarcerated, nor have I broken any local or State laws in my 59 years of existence. I don’t even have a parking ticket. I have been gainfully employed at a reputable company for decades and have raised a family.

I do not think I have even contributed to or attended any political rallies ever, but I fear white, Christian conservative males in my age are currently targets for hate-crimes which puts my safety at risk.

Under the current political environment in the United States, please consider my request to seek asylum in your country at this time.

Thank you for your consideration. 

Bob Smith

U.S. citizen and patriot

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