Joe Biden’s Rabbit Trick

Did you see the staged booster-shot Biden photo-op?

How many of us believe President Biden (or his team) would allow Biden to take a jab on live TV without making absolutely sure nothing could go wrong?

Let’s look at the situation a little more closely.

The booster Biden took was allegedly a Pfizer booster which contains 1/3rd of the original shot, or is that one third of the combination of both Pfizer shots combined?

No one is sure why its 1/3rd, which leads to a bigger question: why the vaccine is only 1/3rd as powerful? Is there a way of measuring how much effective vaccine you still have in your system, or is it just a guess made by the same people who pulled ‘six-foot-social distancing’ rule out of thin air??

No one seems to ask the question so no answer has been forthcoming. Maybe those cracker jack reporters over at GMA can ask Dr. Fauci the next time he graces us with his appearance to spew more covid-fear.

Back to Biden.

Assuming Biden got a real jab and not some placebo, did any doctor actually verify the vaccine being jabbed didn’t slip in something deadly? Who was the administering nurse who injected Biden, was she properly vetted? What security protocols were in place to make sure the dose was correct and not in some way, a dud dose?

What are this potential side effects of a booster shot? Too soon to know? 

How about bad reactions like shingles, face-droop (Bell’s Palsy), or extreme post-shot fatigue? Is Joe experiencing any of these? Will they tell us, or do they already know because Joe got the booster shot two weeks ago and what we saw was just theatre?

Would the White House really subject the president to these risks just because Biden wants to one-up Trump by crying macho and showing everyone how it is done? Or would they insert a placebo so no harm is done while the optics shine?

And if there was a placebo instead of an actual vaccine inserted into his arm, did Joe know about the switch? does this make him even more morally reprehensible that he would lie in full view just to encourage others to take the jab?

And if the bug guy didn’t know it was a placebo, what happens if Joe ends up being a “breakthrough case,” how will Jen Psaki explain this one?

And finally, perhaps the most intriguing question of all, if cases and deaths are down and several health experts are now saying “the wave” may be over, why does Joe even need a vaccine right now since we have therapies that are a lot less lethal than the Delta variant, for which the current vaccines have less efficacy anyway?

I personally do not believe Joe Biden got the shot right there in front of the cameras, it was staged, like everything else in this administration seems to be. I do think he either had the booster already, or is having it administered in a very controlled environment so nothing goes wrong, which is always possible when the sun rises in Joe’s world.

A controlled setting like being at home for three days like he was a few weeks ago would be a more likely scenario for a whole host of reasons, chief among them is you don’t want the president to keel over on live TV. I say this because according to the CDC 90% of all adverse effects occur with 72 hours of the vaccine shot, and people over 65 have the highest percentage of adverse effects.

It is likely Joe had the shot 10 days ago and once cleared, was able to put on the show.

Either way, Joe probably didn’t need it, and we will never really know if he actually took it, or if his doctor gave him a placebo and just didn’t bother to tell him so that HE will believe he has a booster. 

Whatever actually happened, it wasn’t as it appears because there is simply too much at stake for Joe to pull a rabbit out of the hat unless there was absolutely a rabbit waiting to be pulled.

As Dr. Gregory House says, everyone lies.

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