Would Jesus Take A Jab?

Jim Watkins | September 24, 2021

Would Jesus take the vaccine?

This is a question being asked in social media today. Many Christians I know use the argument the vaccine may be “the mark of the beast” that our government is forcing us to take in order to control us. It’s right out of the bible. 

Only it isn’t really.

The “mark” is supposed to be in our foreheads according to Revelations. Also, unless you believe the antichrist is Joe Biden or the UN (Un-Christ?), you would be stretching it to say taking a vaccine is the equivalent of turning our back on the Lord. I don’t see that connection as clear cut as other Christians. While I do believe Biden is a fool, he hardly has the smarts to be the Fallen One. He is too stupid to pull off a spiritual coup.

The greater question, and one I asked in my prayers when I was pondering whether or not to take the jab, was this: does taking a vaccine to control a flu that might kill you constitute turning one’s back against God? 

The answer does come from Christ.

Looking at life from his perspective, Jesus clearly stated at one time “render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar, and render unto God that which belongs to Him.”

Point taken. My body belongs to Caesar and my soul belongs to God. I don’t take it with me and there is no abridgement of faith on my part wanting to take a vaccine that might extend my life a little longer as a mortal.

Jesus was 33, so he wouldn’t have been in the high risk group; he was also healthy and probably had a great immune system because he subsisted on one of the best diets you could ever have, what I call the Jesus diet: fish, nuts, grain, goats milk and fruit. Plus, he walked all of the time so he was most likely physically fit.

Again, as a risk Jesus might have determined he was healthy enough to withstand coronavirus and would have given his vaccine to someone more in need.

But perhaps Jesus wouldn’t have wanted to be a spreader to his followers or to his close kin, including his mom, who would have been in her mid 50’s. Jesus might also have asked his followers to abide by social distancing protocols, and especially the washing of hands, as a way of serving your fellows by not getting them sick. Jewish custom put a heavy emphasis on cleanliness.

In other words, Jesus would have treated the virus we are dealing with now the same he would’ve treated any other health threat circulating during his day. Jesus wasn’t fighting a political battle, and neither are we; but because our media and our government have made coronavirus and the vaccine political, we feel as if we are choosing sides by whether or not we take a vaccine provided by a government that has shown itself to be untrustworthy. 

The overriding fact, however, and one which Jesus would have surmised in order to make an intelligent decision is whether the vaccine works

And it does.

If you are in your older years and you have underlying issues like diabetes, COPD or liver and/or kidney issues, weigh the risks. Jesus would expected you to make the best choice for you and for those around you. Any person who cares about you would do the same.

But to believe a government making vaccines is somehow evil or corroborates prophecy is to cling to a religion based on fear. God expects us to have childlike faith, but he also expects us to act like adults when it comes to managing our day-to-day affairs as mortals who are sometimes vulnerable to viruses and disease. From one Christian to another, I believe Jesus would have understood this and will judge us fairly. Jesus was pro-faith but he was not anti-science.

Not taking a vaccine and using God as an excuse for doing so marginalizes faith and makes it look superstitiously weak, as if science doesn’t matter. As an intelligent adult who is also committed to my faith, I am not conflicted by science. God is the ultimate scientist, the laws of physics displays his consistency in nature. And seeking medical help for one’s safety doesn’t seem inconsistent with having faith in Jesus’ teachings or in God’s love for his children.

Jim Watkins is a national media consultant, author and host of the Coronavirus Update Podcast on Spotify and iTunes.

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