The Progressive Left and the CCP Are The Same – And They Are Winning

Jmi Watkins | September 24, 2021

The DNC is not so different from the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party.

About four years ago when I started studying the CCP and how they rose to power I wondered how such a society could even exist when so many people in it are poor and apathetic. 

I also wondered if communism could indeed become a U.S form of government in the decades ahead. Of course we wouldn’t call it that, but a thorn by any other name is still a thorn.

What are the key principles that keep the CCP in power? 

The fact is about 90 million people who comprise 10% of the general population of China actually endorse the CCP government because they live better than the rest of the country. The few regulate the many. The poor are told they are equally part of the system. Those who criticize the system are either quickly removed or shamed for creating trouble.

Last year Xi Jinping declared poverty had ended in China. Why? because the government lowered the threshold of what they deemed to be poverty. That was it. They lowered the number and people were told they were no longer in poverty. 

Ridiculous, right? How could any government expect its people to believe that? 

Then our president, said only a few weeks ago, how the federal stimulus checks “brought millions out of poverty” (only to put those same people back into poverty when the stimulus program ended). 

It was at that moment the hairs on the back of my neck went up.

I realized the current democratic party is more similar to the CCP style of government than it is to the constitutionally-based representative form of government we have enjoyed for over 240 years. 

America under Democratic party leadership today looks a lot more like communism than even ten or twenty years ago. This should be a grave concern to everyone who enjoys liberty and freedom. 

In communist China the three prongs of their strategy of maintaining order are through 

1) Education to communist party ideology, blending the concept of the Peoples Party with the ruling power structure, which are essentially taught to be the same.

2) Using the tools of media propaganda to reinforce the message from cradle to grave.

3) Using the people themselves to be the eyes and ears of the party, turning its citizens into snitches who, in exchange to their loyalty to the party, gain favor by reporting discontents who may pose risk to the order.

There is a pecking order in any organization where you have those who support the system.

In China the more loyal you are to the party, the better your chances for enjoying some its fruits.  

In China “see something, say something,” rewards  citizens for telling the police if they see someone, perhaps even a neighbor with whom they have a grievance, acting suspiciously.  In this grand mindset everyone is watching everyone else.

In an overtly surveilled system everyone is under suspicion and you have to prove your innocence with compliance.

Contrast this with our country where you have the ruling elite and their supporters in education and in media. Eerily similar, but under different pretenses, some of which we witnessed during the COVID pandemic as neighbors were encouraged to report other neighbors who violated lockdown protocols. 

Now it is the progressive Left wing of the Democratic party asking us to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in many form, white supremacy (or white nationals presented by the media as the same thing), or people who refuse to use the proper pronouns, or those who are shown to disregard public safety (mask wearing, getting a vaccine, etc). Those who pose a threat are to be reported in the new system of American progressivism, to weed out deniers who are against things like climate change, against abortion (presented as women’s rights), or even those against taking a knee and not supporting BLM.

Do you see how closely aligned the political left is to the CCP?

The entire film and media industry now refuses to insult the CCP, but the same media has no issue with cancel culture where someone loses their job or livelihood because they tweeted something ten years ago. The media has no issue marginalizing people who oppose the system.

Our education today pushes out children who are taught progressive socialism in K-12, then they get shipped off to college (the ones who can afford it) and there again, they are given further indoctrination to hate capitalism and embrace equity-based policies (communism), and to get involved in climate justice where they are taught to hate those who use too much energy because it “is killing the planet”).

People like AOC and Ilhan Omar, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and now Joe Biden want big government to protect you from the ills of life for your own good, and the 10% of Americans who live extremely well now in the U.S. (the elite who are promoting socialist policies) understand there is simply not enough wealth to go around, so they secure their position now for the new hierarchy to come once the Progressive Left secures the reigns of power in Washington in perpetuity.

This models the CCP.

Can you now see America is not so different from China in the early 1920’s when communist ideology was beginning to emerge? 

It took two decades until Mao finally succeeded in implementing the Peoples Party. What is our timeline if the progressive Lefy succeeds, one decade, two?

And it doesn’t take a majority. In our country the progressive Left centers who hold California, Oregon, Washington, New York or Virginia, these are also the places where centers of power wield great influence over public policy. We see now from COVID that people can be frightened to do just about anything in the name of safety, and you can bet the Progressive Left noticed this, too. 

Certain Americans who embrace communism are well-emdedded across the spectrum, as I have described.

Sadly, most so-called Republicans today lack to imagination to understand the real threat. To them it is about power sharing. This is why Gavin Newsom is still Governor of the Golden State, because Democrats slowly but surely removed enough Republicans in that State where they never had to worry again about power-sharing, and meanwhile California inches each day closer to communism where the few really do enjoy great wealth at the expense of the many.

And this is the template for the rest of America if the socialist democrats, or progressive Left of today get their way.

Consider yourself warned.

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