Sobering Assessment of Life With COVID and the Coming Revolution

By James Watkins | September 23, 202

What do I think of COVID?

Knowing what I know, I believe our U.S. health professionals naively assisted, even prompted the CCP to develop a bio weapon they intended to use for Hong Kong to suppress dissent and it leaked from the WIV in Wuhan. It is possible the CCP, in an experiment, allowed it to spread long enough to develop propaganda so that when the virus spread to other areas of the world, they would have the advantage in coming up with a vaccine and the world would be saved by China. Nothing more would have established the CCP as the world saviors.

I believe the U.S., since it initiated the study in the first place, was also able to come up with not just one, but several mRNA vaccines before China could roll out its inferior Sinovac, which is about 25% effective in fighting or suppressing severe symptoms of Sars-CoV2. 

I’m not sure if it was intended, but the early pictures coming out of Wuhan, of people dropping in hospital hallways (and some of them bleeding to death) along with scenes on social media showing apartment building doors being soldered shut (thus keeping Wuhan residents inside to prevent COVID-19 from spreading), along with pictures and stories coming out of Milan, Italy where old people were dropping like flies, were “shock and awe” propaganda for the rest of the world to see, including by many world leaders who were probably more frightened than the rest of the people about what was happening. What would they do?

This is real.

Oh shit.

By the time the northeastern part of the United States knew what hit them, there was a crisis in leadership and Cuomo ordered sick people out of hospitals and back into nursing homes. This drew up deaths by 4000% in three weeks, and soon every other State (and country) was expecting the same blow, so draconian measures were put in place. Many of these measures were not science-based because we really knew very little about COVID, primarily because China wouldn’t divulge key information, but also because our very own doctors who were involved in the research of coronavirus testing wouldn’t reveal what they knew because it would have exposed their participation in what was going on in Wuhan. Dr. Anthony Fauci, as we have learned kept many cards close to his chest and America was on a need to know basis.

A third driver of events and the one we see in the post-vaccine world is the most dangerous, because it is literally ruining societies.

Because I have some level of industry knowledge, I can tell you the current driver of fear and fear-driven policies (like mandating vaccines) is the purely profit-driven media, the traditional news companies who have gained incredible riches because of big-pharma advertising as an outgrowth of the spread of coronavirus. The irony is major news media produces the most misinformation by sticking to just one narrative, the one that drives the most fear. You will die if you don’t get vaccinated.

Every bio-pharmaceutical company stands to benefit from this virus because of the side effects of getting covid and because of the side effects you will get from vaccines to treat covid.

Mental health drugs are also in big demand because of the social ills produced by lockdowns, quarantines and a punctured economy. A tertiary to this is how many big pharma execs will become campaign donors in 2022 in order to preserve the status quo.

This is how it works.

Let’s say you are ABC News and you know that 40% of your annual advertising revenue comes from corporations like Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GSK). 

Let’s say you are a pharmaceutical company that just got massive funding from the U.S. government, and now you have one-hundred extra billion dollars to play with to promote your other products, everything from fatigue medicine to depression meds, to drugs for keeping your diabetes under control, because during the pandemic everyone gained ten pounds. Disney, Comcast and Viacom generate billions in revenue to keep to narrative going. This is why the first five to ten minutes of the the nightly newscast is almost exclusively dedicated to the ongoing threat of coronavirus.  Scenes include children on respirators, stigmatizing the non-vaccinated and updates on the need for more shots. Today the headline will be Pfizer’s third shot will soon be available to provide “relief.”

All of this was the side effect of COVID-19. 

What China did was open a new era of bio-policy. It happened in less than 2 years and we went from a relatively free world where you could get on a plane and go practically anywhere, to a global police State where you have to show you are not “dangerous” from a virus that, to this day, has never exceeded a 2% morbidity among the 2% of people who get sick from COVID.

Fear made all of this possible, and the media made it possible for fear to spread. Fear was the real virus and we can’t put it back into the bottle. There is no vaccine for fear except truth, and truth was thrown out a long time ago.

Half of the world is scared to death of dying because they see the images in their mind and the other half is trying real hard not to succumb to the tyranny that has been born of fear.

I am not understating coronavirus. It’s not as deadly as AIDS or as easily spread as Ebola or polio, and because we have a world full of smokers and obese people as well as undernourished societies, a virus like this, a rather lazy and opportune virus at that, is able to swipe out a slice of humanity quite easily. 

I have taken the vaccine. I am 60 so that math makes sense. But I also hope I get coronavirus so my body can do its work and build a natural immunity, provided the vaccines actually do lessen my chances of dying. This is science-based. The alternative is to live and fear of death.

I also know how many people have died from the vaccines and it’s small compared to covid deaths, and in fact, most who die from the vaccine probably would have died from COVID anyway since the same age group (65 and older) seems to suffer from the most adverse effects, according to the CDC.


We have covered a lot of territory in this essay and the story is not fully written. But perhaps what coronavirus mostly exposed is how corrupt the entire geopolitical-media-government-big-pharma system really is. It truly is only about profits and power only a global scale, and it is easy to identify the corrupted (hint: they all drive large black sedans with tinted windows). They live in places like London, Brussels and Washington DC) and mostly are unelected supporters of the regime.

What remains is just how long the people, the masses in each country, will put up with the corruption that has been exposed. On the other side of this is the hope that better governments will arise out of the ashes.

Just as government elite used the virus as a way to gain power, we the people can also use this virus to overturn the ruling elite now that they have been exposed – if we have the will and when we have nothing else to lose.

Maybe the “netizens” in China will finally say “enough!” and take down the CCP; maybe the people of the UK will say ‘no more!” to overreaching government authority; perhaps the French will scare its leadership into compliance and regain normalcy. Perhaps even America will root out those leaders in Washington – and the list is very long – who have traded in their souls for power and riches at the expense of the huddled masses who are being driven to poverty and despair.

Only when we have nothing else to lose will decent people seek to remove those governments who only seek greater authority over our lives, these protected few who demand ever-increasing compliance under the guise of “saving us,” while they celebrate behind closed doors with champagne and 35-thousand dollars dresses parading their feigned compassion for all to see, while a masked Mexican immigrants serves them cheese and crackers imported from a far away land you and I are no longer allowed to visit.

The time to turn the page draws near.


  1. Dear Jim

    Great post, thank you. I wrote a piece myself on fear recently. I attach a link if you are interested.

    The worst of big pharmas greed is far more than supposed however. The viral theory is completely flawed. Covid 19, a.k.a. the ‘flu until re-branding last year, is the internal toxicosis of the body. It happens to humans and animals.

    We produce primarily urea as a result of metabolism which we must excrete. This is in essence a toxin and we can add to that if we take in toxins from the environment which has been increasingly polluted over the years.

    I used to think vaccines were of some use, but not for the ‘flu as I knew of people having the jab and getting ‘flu symptoms anyway, so what was the point.

    When I researched at 60 year sold last year I realised I was wrong. I put this research on my website, link below if you are interested.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


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