America’s Greatest Strength

This essay will no doubt offend people. It was meant to. 

The reason I know conservative Christians in America will triumph over the long term is the same reason America became a beacon of liberty and moral clarity to the world.

There has never been a ‘Christian Nation’ before America. True, there was a Church of England, and the Catholic Church certainly had its influence over the Middle-Ages, but those were institutions run by pious (and not so pious) rulers who simply usurped power from monarchial rule.

The American experiment was the idea that no one could tell you who to believe in; that you were free not only because you were endowed by a Creator, but if you were truly going to be free this could only be exhibited by the act of worshiping freely, by choice and not by rule.

And it was this kindred spirit that ennobled people to identify as American, citizens of a new kind of kingdom that would resemble something godly because people were really free, the way God intended us to be, and was this bold concept that made us the envy of the world. Today it is still why people come here, to be free.

When freedom comes from God no man can take it away. When freedom is given by decree by man over men, or by governments over men, or by theological rulers or churches over men, tyranny just goes by a new name, but the people’s lives remain to serve whoever happens to be in power over temporal kingdoms.

If God exists then America is right and we are on His side because His will would dictate men could be free; this is at the root of Jesus’ teachings which have survived in the Judao-Christian heritage that underpins the soil of these United States.

Even if you don’t believe in God and you are American, you benefit from teachings that led to foundation to the rule of law and the right to live unfettered; it is only in this kind of environment that men and women have prospered – and have prospered for more than two hundred and forty years.

Christianity is also a superior religion because all barriers to the Creator-creature relationship are removed. We are endowed by spirit, not privilege nor pedigree, but by a non-material, non-temporal force that connects each of us to a higher source of power than mere mortal men.

No other religion preaches this relation in the context of individual freedom and liberty.

And no religion that teaches less than this has brought so much human happiness. 

Christianity made God personal.

Buddhism doesn’t do this, Taoism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism espouse the idea of the search for truth but only the notion of a personal relationship with Deity finds its core in Christian thought, thus because of this personal appeal, it has survived all of these centuries.

Liberation and faith are partners in the human experience.

What’s more, now that we know we are endowed, no earthly government stands a chance aginst this mighty lever.

Only if we turn our backs against such faith will we assure our destruction.

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