Biden and Harris Are Sociopaths

Jim Watkins | September 19, 2021

Remember when I told you way back in the early part of the presdential race in 2019 when Kamala Harris came out of the 2nd debates dead last in approval, when it was revealed by Tulsi Gabbard that Kamala, while State prosecutor, knew she had exculpatory evidence against a man on death row that would have exonerated him? She was then, and is now, willing to let people die for her own political power. Let that sink in. It should, because we just saw evidence again that playing with lives is what Kamala, and her fearless leader Joe Biden are doing today with great ease.

When Florida began having success with monoclonal treatment of people showing positive for COVID, when the cases were dropping after Governor Ron DeSantis began authorizing monocloanal tents all over the State so people with coronavirus could be treated quickly and cheaply, Biden stepped in. Harris, Biden – their team – devised to hurt Florida by making it more difficult for the State to get anti-body drugs like regeneron. They said it was for “equity,” to make sure other States had ample supply (in case).

Biden and Harris, through the power they possess via Health and Human Services and the CDC, took over the means of distribution of monoclonal antibody therapy medicines, thus limiting treatment to people who were suffering. How many would they kill? Hard to know because it just happened this week.

It is nothing less bio-chemical political warfare; politicians restricting access to medicines in order to inflict harm on political.

Biden has been pleading with the American public since he stepped into office to get vaccinated, many are still apprehensive partly because of the confusing messaging coming from the White House. If the president had a sincere interest in saving lives he would get out of the way of what works, but instead, he inserted his administration to block access to citiznes of Florida, some of whom will die because they didn’t get the anti-body treament they needed in time.

If Florida doesn’t sue the U.S. government, or if Congress doesn’t get to the bottom of what decisions were made and why with regard to intervening in a States ability to provide health services to its citizens, I would be dismayed, not shocked mind you, but dismayed.

These people in power know no bounds.

A couple of pretend press conferences ago Biden could hardly praised Florida (or DeSantis) for helping reduce morbidity; in fact he all but denied monoclonal antibody treatment was helfpul, until facts showed cases and deaths were falling dramatically in a State the White has criticized since the beginning of the pandemic.

And suddenly the White House self-apppoints the operation to make sure there is “equity,” a word which means preference. And in doing so the White House made a firm decision to put peoples lives at risk for purely political reasons, just like Kamala used to do when she was the chief prosecutor for San Francisco.

I see a pattern.

Weeks before that, Biden stranded one thousand or so people into the hands of butchers so he could celebrate a 9/11 anniversary victory lap that never came. Even the New York Times saw the Afghanistan withdrawal as one of the worst military excercises in American history.

Just two weeks ago the Biden team took out a nice Afghan family going out for a Sunday picnic claiming with absolute authority it was an ISIS double-plus, or K or 2.0, because of intel they received from their new friends the Taliban.

If our sitting U.S. president and vice-presient are willing to sacrifice American lives to gain political points this makes them sociopathic, defined as a a personality disorder which manfiests itself as destructive or of a total disregard for human life.

One wonders if Biden and Kamala tortured animals when they were young.

Wake up to the fact that we have two sociopathic politicians running this country right now, probably more.

Proceed with caution. They are not alone.

Jim Watkins ia a national media consultant and host of the Candidly Speaking podcast

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