Media Is Being Bought To Push COVID Panic

It’s plain as day but no one says a thing. Night after night, week after week, newsrooms across all major media including CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC, including even local station affiliates, begin each evenings news broadcast with ‘breaking news’ about ‘infections’ from COVID. Each broadcast puts emphasis on cases and the urgency of getting a vaccine, regardless if deaths “from COVID” are dropping or not.

If this was a big jigsaw puzzle a five-year old would be able to put it together in minutes.

Big Pharma pumps billions of dollars into advertising every year. The number one advertiser is big pharma. All of the major news outlets receive up to 60% of annual advertising from big pharma. The huge salaries that are handed to people like Rachel Maddow, David Muir, Lester Holt and Wolf Blitzer are funded, indirectly of course, by big pharma.

According to Media Radar, Johnson & Johnson spent over 100 million dollars on national advertising in 2020; Pfizer, which holds the patents of one of the two mRNA vaccines, spent well over 300-million dollars in national advertising. Pfizer has 33 employees dedicated to pushing their brands out; AbbieV is also another pharma corporation with over 30,000 employees who spend at least $200-million in ad spending each year, according to Media Radar.

It is a simple equation, if massive dollars in ad revenues come from pharma, do these same ad-buyers benefit from people being frightened by COVD?

The answer is yes because fear drives ratings and ratings equal huge rates bought up by those corporations who vested in vaccination AND treatment from COVID.

Now let’s move to the news agencies who spread COVID fear propaganda.

On Monday, September 13, 2021 World News Tonight on ABC began the newscast reporting an FDA warning against vaccinating children. But the very next headline stated that cases of COVID among children are growing “exponentially, followed by a third headline that forecasted a vaccine for children could come “at any moment.”

In their attempts to bury the first lede, the newswriters pivoted to two stories that provided misinformation designed to indicate children were the most vulnerable right now because of the Delta variant. “Children” under 18 was not clearly specified, and while these headlines were being read, a visual on the screen showed a small child hooked up to a ventilator. The viewer has no idea the video was stock (meaning it may have been used in a previous story unrelated to this one), and we don’t know why the child is in the hospital because the news anchor never explains.

The fact is only 1% of all people who get sick from COVID are between the ages of 12-17. The number of people under 12 years of age who get Covid, according to the CDC’s own data, remains at .05%; facts that are never disclosed to the viewer.

On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the first five minutes of ABC World News Tonight news ,as well as NBC Nightly News with Lestor Holt, lead with three successive stories about COVID, including rising cases in the Northeast, booster shots are coming (even though most world health experts do NOT recommend them) and the CDC says adults may need a COVID shot every year based on new studies that show the vaccines wear out over time.

Missing each night are positive reports about natural immunity, monoclonal antibody therapy is saving millions of lives globally every day, and there are declining deaths in Florida and California even though vaccination levels remain unchanged in these two States.

Also missing each night is evidence showing natural immunity is far more effective (for those who have had COVID and survived), which represents 98% of everyone.

One story that emerged this week was the case of a man who said he was refused by 43 hospitals surrounding Atlanta because they were overwhelmed by COVID cases.

What NBC Nightly News failed to mention was the man had no way of getting to these hospitals and he was not considered serious enough to be sent an ambulance. The message the viewer heard was the system is being overwhelmed; get the vaccine or you will die.

Another news item on World News Tonight was th ereport of a New York hospital where they are not delivering babies due to COVID cases. What they failed to mention is that NY York nurses were protesting vaccine mandates with a walk out, so deliveries were suspended until normal staff returned. We also weren’t told exactly how many deliveries were put on hold. Were expectant mothers told to “hold it in”? We simply don’t know because the narrative was it was COVID causing the crisis.

Are you seeing a pattern?

From the beginning the News media has focused on cases (calling them “infections” even if a person is asymptomatic) and not any other remedy except vaccines. And then our national leaders call it science, the science of treatment, oftentimes expensive.

COVID fear is being driven by the profit motive of both media companies (who probably took a hit after ratings plummeted once Trump was out of office) and big pharma advertisers who keep these news outlets profitable if they continue to push the narrative of vaccines and growing cases. And while I can’t confirm it, I suspect big pharma only gets reimbursed for vaccines that are actually distributed, and because of patent laws, once they expire, such vaccines become “public domain,” and generics can be created for other pharmaceuticals who want in on the game.

Sadly, too many people have now been condition to live in constant fear, thanks to the media machine that works for profits and only profits until the last ounce of hope is drained from the public.

Assume always what you are hearing is not true or only partially true.

I demand major news outlets disclose exactly how much advertising revenue they receive from Pfizer and others. We need to see exactly how much big pharma is spending and only then will we have a clearer picture of how much influence they have over the delivery of news.

If you expect news to be credible beyond this point on any major subject that includes energy, healthcare and climate, know this: real news is dead. You are being lied to, and those who are deceiving you are untrustworthy to you and are making huge salaries at your expense. The sooner you get this through your head the more liberated you will be.

The truth shall set you free, you just may not like what you see once your eyes have been opened.

Jim Watkins is a national media consultant and host and the Coronavirus Podcast

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