Is It Time To Pause?


Jim Watkins | September 15, 2021

Human beings are prone to mistakes. In fact we are consistent in this manner, which explains the long, arduois evolutionary track and why, for example, it took man almost a million years to figure out how to make and use electricity.  

I can’t seem to type one entire sentence without making at least one small error. In this last sentence I made three (fixed). We are prone to not getting it right he first time. What on earth makes us think we can create a vaccine within a year of a raging virus escaping -by accident- from a lab and get it right the first time?

The answer is our tendency to make mistakes also makes us fools. We convince ourselves we have the answer, or, as Richard Fernandez  states in his recent article, “the government just wants to show it can solve a problem, and we are on the receiving end of all of their solutions.”

So here we are, in the middle of the pandemic of massive proportions with big government and big pharma here to save the day.

What could possibly go wrong?

On my left are proponents of the cure, the vaccine, the final solution. On my right are the hesitant ones, those who have learned from experience not is all as it seems, if only because we never get it right without trial and error. It is our pedigree as humans.

The ones who believe the vaccine will stop the pandemic are unwittingly pursuing a form of limited genocide, they just don’t know it yet. The ones on the right, unfortunately, will not fare any better even though they were right to be cautious.

The global deaths we see today are about to explode if we get this wrong, and chances are we will. The Delta variant was a reminder of that very fact.

The coronavirus is adaptive, it has a 50-50 chance of adapting towards being worse, more destructive. The virus adapts partly because the vaccines we are inoculating people with causes Sars-CoV2 to mutate. Thus far there have been five mutations, Delta being the most serious. With four billion people living on the planet mutations are bound to occur, and when they do, the vaccine we use today will be useless if the right mutation occurs AND becomes more lethal, by a factor of 10. 

There was no need to rush a vaccine to market, but NIH was as anxious to offer up mRNA technology as fast as Donald Rumsfeld was to offer up Iraq after 9-11 –just to show the problem could be tackled and resolved by the smart people in government (and big pharma).

The vaccine, as Dr. Robert Malone  inventor of the mRNA technology, explains, forces the virus to adapt as it moves through each human host; mRNA reverse-engineers DNA, allowing you to make genetic modifications and then convert the RNA back into its original DNA strand with new “messengers” that modify genetic behavior. But as Jeff Goldblum aptly states in Dr. Michael Crichton’s novel-turned movie Jurassic Park, you can’t control nature like a switch you turn on and off, nature always finds a way.”

Dr. Malone and about seventy other world health experts also agree that mutants are caused by vaccines, so while we are jabbing arms in the United States, other nations have opted, smartly, to treat covid and let it run its course since treatment has lowered death rates substantiality. India has the lowest vaccination rates among the five most populous countries; they abated the rising death rates by using cheap drugs like Ivermectin, hydro, zinc, the stuff we sometimes hear about in the West when it isn’t being blocked by Facebook and Twitter.

America is committing self-genocide. The media push, for which they will be held accountable, prompted by the pharmacueticals who pay hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising each year to ABC/Disney, et al. is driven by vaccine makers like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. That’s it.  

Numbers from covid vaccine side effects are being hidden by the same media pushing you to get a vaccine; the number of deaths and side effects are exceedingly high – and not reported. At the time of this writing  there have been 1.4 million side-effects reported to the CDC from vaccine patients, 23,393 patients died within 72 hours to a week from taking their vaccine shot, again, not reported. 

The vaccine, while effective at lowering fatalities if you get COVID AND you are among the 2% who actually get sick, it is a safe bet if you are at a higher risk. The science gets that part right. But if the vaccine en masse creates a stronger version of COVID the current vaccine won’t protect us from (causing “breakthrough cases”), and increases morbidity from 2% to say, 10%, or 25%, then our country and other vaccinated countries are in for a world of hurt. Million will die than already have.

Watch Israel. They are heavily vaccinated and now are expected to dispense vaccine #4 just to keep up. What are these vaccines doing to the body that we cannot see at this time? 

Surely we are not foolish enough to think you can keep injecting a new kind of vaccine technology into your body and not have some side effects later on, and with our propensity to mostly get things wrong, who will be held accountable when the real effects of this vaccine are felt by the masses who followed the scientists who told us we would all be safe?

In every single vaccine there were years, even decades of experiments made on small test groups who knew the risks. Taking a shot does reduce number of deaths of those most vulnerable, won’t reduce mortality if a new mutation occurs, which most likely will since mutations already have occurred at least five times.

Sadly, our government chosen to use intimidation by portraying the unvaccinated as dangerous and contemptuous, setting citizens apart. It’s is exactly what the Germans did to the Slavs and Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s.

And who is to say there isn’t another virus out there lurking right now, ready to strike once all of our immune systems are comprised by this “wonderful new vaccine” that, we must never forget, was created in a lab by people who have little regard for human life.

Jim Watkins is the host and producer of the Coronavirus Update podcast

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