The Great COVID Con

Here is how it works.

Phases 1: President Joe Biden announces a massive testing campaign, mandated testing, mandated vaccines for over two-million fed employees and contractors. More people test for COVID, cases go up because people have coronavirus; News outlets reports huge “Spikes in “cases” even though most of the cases are asymptomatic, which means most will recover without issue and will not need treatment.

Phase 2: CDC to issue more mandate recommendations to “prevent spread” even though death rates remain down. Pro-mandate leaders begin to insist on more stringent measures to battle “cases” by forcing vaccination mandates which does nothing to reduce cases because coronavirus has already moved through the general population. Cases will always be detected but deaths stay low. Doesn’t matter, the big con is in; cases drive policy, but cases are also driven by mandatory testing.

Phases 3: Variants, caused by the vaccines, mutate as they seeks to adapt to people, the vaccinated are vulnerable because new mutations aren’t responsive to vaccines, hence more contagious and more deadly.

If Mother Nature has mercy, our bodies will eventually develop immunity from Sars-Cov2 and its antecedent variants. but as long as science tries to tinker by overriding the bodies natural immune response, variants will continue to emerge, according to the inventor of mRNA vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone (See previous article).

Our leaders are using the big COVID con because they are being led by the influence of billion dollar corporations, these corporations behave like over-cautious doctors who advise remedies to fix the problem. Only problem is every fix causes a secondary effect.

Mass vaccination of everyone at the same time when a new virus is circulating has never been attempted until now.

COVID is being used by Big Pharma to reign in billions of dollars. The average salary at Pfizer is in the millions, good for stockholders, good for business, bad for humanity.

COVID is also being used by political leaders to show “they are in charge,” because it gives them more power.

If nature would have been allowed to take its course and we had just kept the vulnerable out of harm’s way, as former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield had advised as early as March 2020, herd immunity would have occurred and we would have our lives back.

If we would use known treatments to reduce mortality (Remdisiver, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, MMB Boosters, etc.) as they do in other countries, we would would have our lives back.

People like Biden, and Fauci, and Gates have instead, created a world where everyone is now suffering because of the bad decisions of a few financially motivated corporations and an overzealous health industry that is throwing darts at a problem by jabbing the global population hoping covid will just disappear.

Prediction. One day the chickens will come home ot roost, and when most people have nothing left to lose you will see rioting and bloodshed like you have never seen before. Once the majority of the worlds citizens realize they have been duped, heads will roll.

Jim Watkins is a national media conultant for Spoken Word programming and host of the Candidly Speaking Podcast

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