Memo to Joe: Why I Enjoy Watching You Fail

I watched you swagger during the 2020 campaign with all the confidence of an egotistical blowhard who conned himself into believing he was capable of being the president, and now I watch you squirm your way from one mitigated disaster to another, stopping just long enough to read off the teleprompter how it’s not your fault.

And I am loving every minute of watching you not just fail, but fail miserably.

A few times you have even admitted it’s going to get worse and we should prepare for “darker days ahead.” I have never worked for, or have been lead by any successful leader who has uttered those words “it may not work out.” Can you imagine if a war general told his troops such a thing heading into battle?

Oh yeah, that’s right, you have never worn a uniform, have you?

You tinkered. You broke things that didn’t need fixing because you listened to bad advice from other people who are not capable of leading, either. You cost tens of thousands of jobs on day one with an executive order just to show how tough you could be fighting climate change. You fumbled the so-called rescue relief checks by delaying them by weeks, pssing off people who voted for you. You started allowing social justice warriors to dictate how and who should get vaccinated based on skin color, and you put doubt into people’s minds about the vaccine when you said you wouldn’t take it if Trump made it. Then you put the mask back on after you got the jab.

Such a confidence builder, really.

Then you decided to invite a Mexican exodus that is, right now, flooding fentanyl into the streets of San Diego, LA, Chicago and New York while ushering in immigrants to border towns because you won’t just send them back. The covid deaths are racking up because non-vaxxed migrants are streaming in, thanks to you Joe.


You couldn’t ask for a more incompetent world leader.

There is nothing that exudes confidence about you. For too long you thought your snarky not-charming grin would open doors for you, but the truth is, if you had been a lawyer you would have chased ambulances, and if you had been a doctor, you would be the guy in Ft. Lauderdale handing out Oxy to make a quick buck.

I enjoy watching it all because it is what the Left deserves, to watch its chosen leader fail, and fail again.

I watch the Left make excuses, erode their journalistic integrity along the way, making excuses for why you fail. There are even thousands who now attend College games everywhere chanting “F-You Joe Biden!!”

I love it.

I want more.

It is quite exhilarating to be vindicated so often watching someone you despise fail repeatedly. Please make more bad decisions so that America will suffer even more. We need to hit rock bottom before people will be willing to make a change, a change that includes no longer accepting poor leadership.

Yeah right, I am dreaming. It’s just fun to see how much a person brimming with pride can crash and burn.

Joe Biden, you are a self-inflicted wound and the 81 million people who “voted” for you deserve to see you fail every single day as a reminder of their own hubris, as well as yours.

I just hope Joe see’s his entire term through before he loses total cognitive ability. It would be a shame if he were to be removed from office unaware of his failures, so that we never see that shit-eating grin again.

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