And Then It Hits You – Dr. Anthony Fauci Must Be Charged with Crimes Against Humanity

Dr. Anthony Fauci should be in jail facing charges not unlike those many Nazi military commanders who faced crimes against humanity charges at Nuremburg after World War II.

For starters, clearly Dr. Fauci, NIH Director Francis Collins, and Eco-Health Alliance CEO Peter Daszak should all be on the stand explaning their role in creating the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic that will most likely result in over one-hundred million deaths or more by the time we finally stop counting.

The severity of what they have wrought could still, depending on variants and unexpected impacts they may have, destroy civilization as we know it. We cannot underscore what has been done because a few scientists were caught playing around with dangerous pathogens.

We see around us societal lockdown, suicides, homicides, homelessness, massive unemployment, stalled production, supply-line failures, all around us each of us wondering what is the next shoe to drop in this never-ending nightmare just because a few very powerful people wanted to know if a virus could be produced that might cause a bio-war.

And who better to partner with than China, the global pig who wants to make the world its stie so it can roll around and enjoy the warm mud of power and dominance

Is there any chance at all Dr. Fauci might have had a passing thought as to how foolish he was to believe it safe to work with the Chinese and in China just because he thought what he was doing was good for humanity? His daily apperances telling us what we should do to stay healthy makes me sick.

It reminds me of an incident that happened when I was young.

A supposed good friend of my father’s was trying to help figure out why our family car engine had stalled. For days these two worked on the engine, checking the plugs, the battery, alternator, even the fuel lines. Come to find out someone poured syrup into the gas tank, Syrup, which has sugar, crystallized, grinding the engine to a halt.

Also turns out the perpetrator was the same guy my dad was paying to help find out what was wrong with the car.

“Dave” was gone by the time we determined the problem. He was pissed at my dad because he looked at his girlfriend the wrong way, or something stupid like that. The car was ruined.

Having Dr. Fauci tell us what to do to be safe is a lot like the guy who poured syrup in the car, he started the problem to begin with, so why are we asking him what to do? Why are we asking him anything?

Fauci and his fellow doctors and power-brokers, disabled the vehicle. Just because they are trying to fix the problem now (and lying about their role in causing it), doesn’t lessen their complicity, and in this case what they did was cause the deaths and misery of the entire global population.

But the worst part is they have no shame, no guile, no reserve; they act as if they are the heroes when they are in fact the villains; they act as if they are the angels when they are the devils who brought this on us because they wanted to save us from a disaster that came to be under their watchcare.

If a world leader did this, there would be war. It may come to pass a world leader by the name of Xi Xinping did in fact do this, or cause it to happen, and yes, there should be war.

If China caused a pandemic (in part because of a gullible scientist with grand ambitions), you can be assured they made copies. China is good at making copies.

Did Fauci & Co. operate under the assumption they had no one to tell them to stop? By whose authority, besides their own curiosity and hubris, did they prpceed with a plan to perform gain-of-function research on bats to produce a virus to see if such a virus could be a pathogen for humans?

I’m no scientist, but this virus did not come about naturally. The motive of Fauci, or even of the CCP in their cooperative effort, matters less than the impact of what has been achieved by their recklessness.

And then the lies.

Vaccines are good. Now they create new varuants, now you need two vaccines, or three. Natural immunity isn’t good enough, Ivermectin, Hydrox bad, vaccines good, except that you still need to wear a nask and stay away from people because you can still get sick, or pass it on. Kids stay awat from school, teachers get paid for nothing. I cannot ever imagine a more horrific situation than the one we all now face because of that guy on the TV telling us what I need ot do to be safe.

If there is divine justice I hope Dr. Fauci has that moment of clarity (and hopefully while in prison for murder) where he comes to terms with what he has created. It is that “and then it hit me moment,” where the truth comes to light.

The good news is humans do adapt. The bad news is what we adapt to isn’t clear, and probably won’t be for quite some time.

For those like me who had clung to the hope this would all be over in one or two years, the impact of this pandemic is only just beginning.

If the 2% morbidity rates holds up, and it’s the only consistent number that has since the very beginning of the pandemic, then we are looking at 140-million people who may eventually succumb to this virus, not to mention those who are effected by the economic impact.

That’s 140,000,000 deaths that would never had happened if Dr. Fauci had just decided to become a chef instead of a virologist.

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