Dr. Malone Speaks Out – Big Mistakes Being Made in Pandemic – ‘More Harm Than Good’

Dr. Robert Malone Speaks out on COVID in a broad and candid interview with The Epoch Times American Thought Leaders segment.

Herb Immunity Untenable

The entire interview HERE OR Download full interview

“Natural Immunity may be better if you are not a high risk candidate”

“Mandates are impractical, unnecessary divisive, authoritative and serve no use on controlling COVID.”

These are just a few of many comments made by mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone, who discuss in great detail COVID-19 treatment, vaccine mandates, politically-driven medical policy decisions that have created a plethora of dangerous issues in our attempt to control and mitigate the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Malone is somewhat outspoken for his views, but his knowledge of the COVD-19 virus makes him one of the primary authorities in his field and in his analysis of the missteps he says many are making in treating COVID-19.

Topics include:

– Ivermectin therapy, other therapies for treating Covid patients around the world

– The danger of over-vaccination and how it can promote more dangerous variants and the reality of herd immunity

– Mutant variants 

– Mandates, lockdowns and passports not effective

– Vaccines could promote new variants which can make even the vaccinated sick

– How to treat those really at risk, versus those who are not

– What we learn from other viruses and how we can learn from them

Thank you to the Epoch Times and Thought Leaders host Jan Jekielek

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