Covid Dissent from An Employee Perspective

The letter below is from an employee of a major U.S. broadcast group who was recently told they must mask or vax – or be terminated.

Since we know the Science tells us masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of covid, and that the vaccinations are still considered experimental by the FDA, employees are being forced to make a choice – by employers as well as government – to choose between losing their livielhoods, or risking their health

The letter has been redacted to protect the identity of the source:

Dear Friends,

If you are reading this now, it is because I have been suspended without pay for two days, and soon expect to be terminated from my 21-year-long position with my company here in Seattle for taking an adamant stand on principle against the new corporate’s vax-or-mask policy, namely, by rejecting both.

I cannot hold more strongly to the conviction that this policy is a validation of naked tyranny, and my stance is part of the same battle as the fight against mandated vaccines or forced biochips, namely, the terminus point of freedom.  I contend that it is the crisis of our time, and woe to us should we fail.

The case I’ve laid out below has been politely dismissed with platitudes about “following CDC guidelines” “staying safe” and “everyone having opinions” – the same lines we’ve been bludgeoned with since “two weeks to flatten the curve.”  Essentially, I’m reporting a fire and the dispatcher is asleep, which is why I turn to you, the people I’ve known throughout the company over the past two decades.

You know me to be conscientious, thorough, and proactive – traits not associated with your garden variety provocateur.  If you value me as a person, I ask that you read my letter, and endeavor to get it before someone in corporate leadership who will take the matter seriously.  It could not be more so.

I am in uncharted waters, and can only trust the Anchor of my Soul to bring me through this, as He has through every crisis.

Your friendship is appreciated. Your help cherished. Your prayers coveted.

In Truth, in Freedom, and in Christ,

John Q

To summarize my objections:

1.)  The policy fosters discrimination.  Those who have submitted to an unapproved, experimental drug to mitigate the treatable condition known as Covid 19 are allowed the freedom of unobstructed faces and unrestricted breathing.  All others are forced, like children, to wear a dehumanizing, suffocating mask. This is wrong.

2.)  The policy creates a hostile work environment through coercion.  Healthy, rational people can only be made to wear a mask through fear or force.  Those who do not succumb to the former are subject to the latter, creating tension and uncertainty for those who passionately reject this measure.

 3) The policy is not based on science. The virus itself is orders of magnitude smaller than any of the masks accepted could possibly filter out, even in the rare instances when they are worn correctly. Further, the various so-called Covid vaccines not only fail to prevent relapses of Covid, but have killed and debilitated thousands of people, including a church friend of mine, and the brother of one of our programmers.  In addition, the trusted site WebMD indicates that most people infected with Covid experience only a mild illness, with a 97% to 99.5% recovery rate, which does not even include the beneficial impact of such treatments as hydroxychloroquine, zinc and ivermectin, bringing recovery rates to nearly 100%.  These mortality rates are comparable to the seasonal flu, which never turned our world upside down. Why is our company still forcing these extreme measures on its employees?  Any rational person living in 2019 would easily see that this policy is mad, but 18 months of unprecedented gaslighting have made the widespread acceptance of madness normal.  It is not.  It is an unwarranted imposition couched in pseudoscience.

5.)  The policy is antithetical to our purported values of truth and freedom. 

6.)  The policy is tantamount to laundering tyranny.  Our company did not originate these measures.  The genesis of Covid protocols came with the overreach of elected officials and unelected bureaucrats in response to the threat of an unknown virus. “Two weeks to flatten the curve,” has become ‘two years to flatten the country,’ and this policy is a cog in that diabolical system.  Further, by contending that companies have the right to require their employees wear anything for purposes unrelated to professional, presentable, work-related attire, this would also include such arbitrary, demeaning and ridiculous measures as paper bags over their heads, burkas for ladies or dresses for men. Mask mandates should be rejected just as vehemently.

So why hazard this much over a mask?  Because what I have at stake personally in this fight is nothing compared to what all Americans have at stake while our precious birthright of freedom is being consumed dictate by mindless dictate. Today’s vax-or-mask policy is tomorrow’s bio-chip mandate. When liberty’s last ember dies in Liberty’s Bastion, all is lost.  I will not stand idle as America is snuffed out under a titanic pillow of unchallenged lies.  My choice is painfully clear. Under unshakable conviction, I defy this contemptible policy and offer my career and professional reputation as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of liberty in service to my nation and in faithfulness to my God.

My heart breaks over what is happening to both our company and the United States of America.  I watch incredulous as so many good people stumble blind and gaslit through this present, ubiquitous funhouse mirrorscape of mendacious narratives and farcical madness, divorced from truth and contemptuous of freedom.

This vax-or-mask mandate was born of the very same system, and I am secure in the knowledge that I have done what I believe is right before God, and to me, that is worth everything.


John Q

Makes you wonder if all of this “science” is being used today in the same way religious leaders (The Church) in the 16th Century used faith to control people through fear.

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