Memo to Joe Biden: Use The Costanza Maneuver

Joe Biden could easily turn his life around if he would simply follow The Costanza Maneuver.

What is the Costanza Maneuver?

It simply means to do the exact opposite of what you think is the correct move.

For example, if you want to enact a new executive order, don’t. If you decide you want to raise taxes, lower them. If Kamala convinces you it’s a good idea to continue a moratorium, end it. If you want a cheeseburger or vanilla ice cream, eat fish and buy a coke. Whatever you think is right, do the opposite.

In the TV series Seinfeld, George’s character realized he simply had the wrong instincts when it came to any important life decision. By choosing the opposite of what he thought he was right, his life improved. If it worked for George Costanza it will work for Joe Biden.

If you don’t know who George Costanza is Joe, you probably shouldn’t be president, but we already knew that. Have your staff look into it.

You see Joe, in your whole life you have made one bad decision after another. Every joke was a flop, every hug or kiss was a bad optic, every knee-jerk response has ended up needing clarification because you said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Even the latest debacle in Afghanistan, a plan to exit a country, was mishandled, then you went on to the next photo op and your instincts were to look at your watch, as if your staff would forget to get you somewhere else on time, and that flopped.

Then you walked away from a FEMA presser and lost your way out of the building after pissing off a room full of reporters, this after a day before you were caught on video napping while meeting the Israeli Ambassador. 

Man, at this rate, Jill is probably thinking of an exit strategy – and who can blame her. 

Stop whatever you are doing, and simply do the opposite and spare us any more messes. Lives are at stake.

You’ve done enough.

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