Memo to Media: Why Are You Spreading Fear?

Every night I am subjected to hearing story after story about Covid. What do you want us to do? Take the vaccine? 

I have. What’s next?

Wear the mask? I will.

What’s next?

According to the data, vaccinations do not prevent spread, they only reduce severity of disease, so even once we are 100% vaccinated, are you saying you will stop reporting the cases, the numbers and the videos of people dying?

This seems all about one thing which is not true, that if everyone gets a vaccination Covid will simply go away. It won’t. It will simply take a back seat to some other story.

But let me ask you, when the side effects from mass vaccinations start to show, will you also report on them? Or will you continue to encourage people to take the booster, or the annual shot for Covid.

Will you also report that 12,000 people have died from a vaccine shot, or that 57,000 people have a permanent disability from the vaccines, or that 17,000 cases of myocarditis have have occurred for people who took the jab? 

Do you think over 500,000 adverse effects having been reported by people who took the jab, perhaps even at your urging, is newsworthy?

I pray we aren’t moving too fast. I hear more and more that people who get vaxxed also still get sick. So this idea that getting vaccinated makes you safe is not based on Science. We’re getting vaxxed and we are still wearing masks.

Don’t you see why people are frustrated?

Perhaps instead of trying to scare people into getting a vaccination that is not a guarantee of safety, you should spend more time investigating to see exactly why the pharmaceutical companies are trying so hard to make sure every single human being gets a shot for a virus that has never exceeded 2% morbidity.

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