What the West Must Face: A Call To Duty

What do I think of Afghanistan? And specifically the Taliban?

We should treat them as a project for rehabilitation or we will pay the price for the next 80 years.

The actual people in Afghanistan, the parents, the children, the people who just want to be left alone to care for their families, are decent people just like other decent people like you and me. But it is irresponsible for modern society to allow the Taliban to have authority in the form of a government in Afghanistan.

They, the extremist religious rulers of this war-torn country, are not adequately enlightened, nor morally or even ethically fit to co-exist with other world nations as legitimate. If there was an option to simply isolate and control them, then such an option would be preferable, but since too many nations desire their resources, isolation becomes futile. They must instead be reformed, or subjugated as criminals.

So we must bring the Taliban to its end. A religion that subjugates women, uses torture and some ancient legal system derived from the moral mindset of a 6th Century militant religious zealot (and worse, confusing it with something God wants) must end.

We are the enlightened one. But progressivism has created doubt in our spiritual and intellectual authority. We know from the advanced teachings of Christ, coupled with the belief in freedom and human rights, coupled with the rightful embrace of science and technology, we are the adults of civilization, enlightened citizens on the stage of human history, and so we must treat these immature savages as children, and children who are destructive or abusive must be contained, or separated so they can do no harm.

It is reprehensible that modern peoples can knowingly allow the Taliban to continue unfettered, as we have seen on full display in the news, as they shoot people in the back of the head at will, set women on fire, rape young girls for thrill, behead relatives in full view of children and the elderly and wantonly kill anyone they deem to be a political threat. And they do this in the name of God? I believe in God and it offends me they would shame our Father in heaven with such blasphemy. Even the angels must be astir.

We have been given insight, wisdom, the spirit of truth, the ideals of justice, and we have been rewarded with modern life, no longer living like the savages of our former selves, except in those remaining tribes such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al Shabbat, and others, enemies of the people. Enemies of God. Enemies of children.

We ask ourselves, why did we fight Germany? Was it to save the Jews and the Slavs from genocide, or was it simple for political power?

Where is the cry for justice? Where then did we derive our moral authority?

If you see man abusing a child in broad daylight, do you act? Are you the good Samaritan? Or do you mind your own business?

We act because our moral authority comes from the certainty that God wants us to be better humans, to progress towards peace and service and to fight against injustice. We move as one or we do not progress. The terrorism ideology of these tribes represents the weak link in the chain of human affairs, and they must be repaired or cast off, or they will continue to plague us for decades to come, with even more dire outcomes since it is the intent of radical Islam to crippled the West and to instill continual fear.


We are the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, and yet we retreat. We are concerned about bringing people out. I say send in the might of the military West and fight injustice; they need to be destroyed or we will guarantee suffering for the future.

Belgium and the people of the East appease the terrorist, because they, like we, believe the Taliban can be controlled. Twenty years has taught us this is not true. The Taliban still exists, and now with our weapons in their hands and capable of inflicting even greater harm not just to those in their country but around the world.

Where in the year 2021 does mankind align itself on the war on terrorism? Do we wait and and watch as terrorists rule in far away lands, hoping they won’t try to hurt us, but knowing full well they wish to rule?

Let us state legitimate reasons for the U.S, and indeed the world, to destroy the Taliban NOW.

1) They will control poppy fields used for opium, the most addictive drug on the planet and will use billions in profits to fund terrorism.

2) They have access to minerals the modern world needs for technology. Again, the Taliban can extort this reserve and generate more funding for its terrorism against the West

3) They will provide safe haven to those who commit and plan terrorist acts against the West.

4) From their home country they can conduct cyber terrorism that can cripple Western democracies.

5) By allowing to live unfettered, they will embolden other terrorist groups to unite.

6) Crimes against humanity. WE can not allow them to torture and kill without restraint.

The next century belongs to terrorism unless we stop it now and while we still can.

We know where it festers.

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