The FDA, Our Military and China

Two days ago the FDA approved Pfizer’s covid-19 two-dose vaccine.

It’s important to know this vaccine is being used to fight against virus most likely created in a lab because scientists like Tony Fauci thought it smart to create a virus so we could develop a vaccine for it, just in case someone else does creates a new coronavirus, which is exactly what happened in Wuhan in late 2019.

Fauci said this in 2015.

No one wants to believe China actually launched a bio attack to cripple it’s archenemy, unseat a competing world leader (Trump) and heighten its own hegemony in the process while bringing to us the weakest possible president in U.S. history, because such a plan would require a response; we would have no choice but to assume we are at war, and act accordingly. It is far easier to pretend this was all an accident.

But I want to get to the next phase of this horrid novel, the part where China not only declares “check,” but also “checkmate” in a way history will show was the most effective – and impressive – act of war ever foisted upon any enemy in the history of warfare. 

I have learned the recent FDA’s approval of the Pfizer-Bio-N-Tech was partly based on double-blind studies of the Pfizer’s vaccines and side effects. There were several hundred patients used in the initial study. One group received a placebo, the second group received the real vaccine. Then the doctors wait, taking note of effects from both groups, and then exposing both groups to the virus to ensure both groups were under the same conditions. 

If the vaccine is effective here is what happens. More people from the placebo group should get sick. Also, no person in the placebo group should suffer any side effects because they were given no vaccine. The results are then handed over to the FDA and it is their responsibility to examine the data and make a determination as to side effects, efficacy and risks.

There is one issue at hand that makes the entire process null and void, there is one thing that can throw a wrench into it. If the placebo group is informed they didn’t actually get the vaccine – and then are offered the vaccine out of a gesture of kindness, the whole study is moot. And this is exactly what happened. 

To be fair, there are multiple studies involved over a long period of time that go into the approval process. Often when any vaccine is being considered it takes a minimum of two years because it simply takes time to evaluate long-term effects.

The concern in this approval of the Pfizer vaccine is a) why are they not giving it more time, and b) was the original double-blind study part of the results which may have persuaded the FDA to move forward with approval?

With approval comes mandates, and the United States Military, with the tacit approval of its commander-in-chief, is now mandating the immediate vaccination of every single soldier serving across all branches of our armed forces. 


In a strange way, modernity has brought us a new kind of war where the battle takes place in our blood vessels and veins, and the new weapon are bots and spike proteins.

What I mean to say is if the vaccines actually end up doing us more harm than good, we will have effectually allowed China to lead us to this day where we are actually inoculating our entire military with a vaccine the FDA approved in haste, a vaccine that may be driving new variants, making vaccinated people more vulnerable and doing nothing to get us to developing herd immunity.

I hate to think of the possibility that all of this was planned. I also would remind you once again that no one likes to admit they get things wrong. It always better to err on the side of caution, especially when dealing with fellow humans.

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