Why Doesn’t The Civilized World Join Forces Against The Taliban

We had no problem killing Nazi German soldiers because we knew they were killing people and serving an evil cause.

If you wanted a common enemy that could galvanize the world community, a community willing to take on Covid and climate change, why not take on a real enemy, the Taliban?

Why do fellow Muslims look the other way? To protect Islam?

Why do Christians acknowledge the horrible treatment the Taliban commit to non-believers (including Christians) but then look the other way?

Today we see on public display the horror of the Taliban as they snake through Kabul and Kandahar literally pillaging the cities, pulling people from their homes and executing them simply because they wanted to live free and have a better life.

There has never been a more visible cry for justice than what we see today. And yet the world sits in silence, more concerned with evacauation than ending the terror of these vicious warlords, the same warlords who will continue to inflict pain upon the world long after we have left Afghanistan.

In the name of civilization why do we let these people exist as if they have some inherent, indiginous right to live like savages and treat people with such carnage?

Do we tolerate such savagery to protect their religion? Can such wanton disregard for human life be considered respectful?

How do Americans fill the streets fighting for social justice while there exists such regimes as would kidnap, torture and enslave young girls, oftentimes forcing these children to wtiness their own parents execution in the name of Allah?

Where is the squad on this, or the United Nations Human Rights commission? Do these agencies even pretend to respresent justice while the ignoring what is before their own eyes?

We can fight for climate change, we can fight Covid, but for some reason, we are powerless to fight against a real threat, culutural extremism that enslaves people or justifies murdering them for religious reasons.

A civilized world can certainly come to a united position on this matter. We must fight back with extrem and collective force.

What is needed is the formation of a voluntary commando army, comprised of a few thousand of the best trained snipers and guerilla warfare soldiers who know how to make every bullet count, and they can be a combined World Force to end this madness now and send a message to every other terrorists group that they are next. We must beat brute force with brute force.

The great thing about Afgjanistan is most of the country is rough hilly terrain, pocketed with small towns hither and yon, a few snaking rivers and several large inland lakes are the only thing that keep these small scattered provinces alive.

Afghanistan has three, perhaps four major metropolitan cities, outtside of that its small village after small village, hardly a challenge to subjugate and destroy Taliban strongholds, and then you have the citizens of Afghanistan who would gladly assist a covert world army in destroying these extremists once and for all.

And then Afganistan becomes under UN control. Period.

Until such time when the small nation can form a truly representative government, the collective free governments of the world can help the people of this small nation.

Then, once this mission is complete, we turn to Nigeria, Sudan and Uganda, or any other country that harbors these radical fundamentalists who thrive and sponsor terror.

I can think of no better evil to destroy than radical fundamentalism. The world now has a common enemy and we see the spirit of this enemy in the Taliban.

We must, as a world force, defeat this enemy. Biden won’t lead, Merkel is useless, as is Johnson. These leaders should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the Taliban to even exist. They are beasts, animals really, and civilization seems to think these ideologoes will just fade away.

They won’t.

Civilization is only as strong as its weakest link. Groups like Al-Qeada, Al-Shabob, The Taliban, even to some extent the Iran Revolutionary Guard, pose a continuing clear and present danger to civilized people throughout the world. It is the mission of these extremists and violent organizations to instigate the disentegration of the current social order.

What a great thing it would be if the military leaders of the great nations could coordinate a response to these cancerous regimes of hell and root them out, show the factions of extremism they will no longer be allowed to exist or be tolerated by the world community of nations. It is a just cause for the times. The Taliban showed us this.

Diplomacy has its limits, and the world can unite if the people will unite and demand a resolve to this terror.

I, for one, would enjoy seeing the Taliban get their ass kicked. Wouldn’t you?

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