Nancy Pelosi’s Worst Nightmare Is Now A Reality

Podcast: Nancy’s Dilemma

We can safely assume that when it comes to political power the Democrats will do anything to save it, including sacrificing the president they helped to get elected.

This is Nancy Pelosi’s dilemma.

It doesn’t matter to her the Americans still trapped in Afghanistan, nor the 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that would turn the U.S. into a socialist piggy bank. These are not what concerns Pelosi and causes her to lose sleep at night. It’s that horrible, excruciatingly painful notion that if Joe does any more damage, and all odds are he will, then Nancy is face to face with the worst major political defeat she can imagine. She will lose the House, the Senate, and the Presidency because of Uncle Joe.

If President Biden isn’t stopped, America will be under the control of Republicans through 2026 or longer, and every Democrat with even a modicum of intelligence realizes this hard reality at this moment.

Expect the 25th Ammendment to be whispered about with ever-greater frequency; look for signs Joes’ health is taking a turn for the worse (even perhaps a Covid relapse that puts Biden out of commission for a few weeks, giving Pelosi enough time to gain back some political equilibrium).

Whatever the outcome, Biden is done. He has no respect – anywhere. The only thing worse than Trump right now, is a president who no one takes seriously.

Harris might be sloppy seconds, but at least she can be controlled – for now

Biden cannot keep self-dosing with unreality (“I did nothing wrong”), and when the political impact of his decisions finally do overwhelm his already frail mental state, when he realizes he alone may cost the democrats all political power in the federal government, this grief alone may cause him to break down beyond repair.  

We won’t be told this, mind you, we will only be informed the presidents’ health is “stable, but improving.”

Right now the discussions going on are not what Joe Biden’s next steps are as president, but the best way to get him out of the oval office without making it look like a coup.

Joe is being counseled into taking one for the team, and he likes the idea because frankly, the stress is killing him. There is probably even a part of Joe that secretly knew this day would come. He had hoped he could go four years, but it just wasn’t so, Joe.

After Afghanistan, Joe realized he was in over his head.

The final act in this disastrous spectacle will be when the phone rings and Joe is is told Obama is on the line for him. It’s that call.

“It’s time to go, Joe,” Obama says. 

At which time the president quietly hangs up the phone, turns and looks at his staff, and with that familiar grin  that has made the Senator from Delaware famous, Joe says to Harris, “What’s your next move, Mrs. President?”

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