The Only Question That Matters About Covid Vaccines – And We Need An Answer

Latest Candidly Speaking Podcast – We Need Answers on COVID

Since our negligent press fails to ask the right questions when it comes to covid, allow me.

Biden says we need to take boosters every 8 months or so. Is this a permanent thing?

If so, does the mRNA vaccine for covid make my body dependent on these shots to prevent me from getting covid? In other words, will my body lose the ability to fight Covid unless I take these boosters once my body has been introduced to the vaccine? And if my body, over time and with repeated vaccinations, loses the ability to fight covid on its own, does this mean I am more or less dependent on these government issued shots to prevent me from 1) dying from covid, and 2) being marked by society as dangerous for not having taken my booster?

Taking all of these questions into account, is it the plan for the government to mandate boosters and segregate, or even punish those who refuse to take the vaccines moving forward?

And if the world becomes divided up between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed, how will people begin to treat each other in the public square? Will the unvaxxed be prevented from entering public places, or will there eventually be black market unvaxxed zones where the unvaxxed get stuff illegally?

And provided the unvaxxed don’t die from covid, which they probably won’t since covid only affects 0.7% percent of society under the age of 65, are the vaxxed forever dependent on access to continuous shot or risk death from covid? Will the unvaxxed become a lethal threat to the vaxxed?

Lastly, will children being born into the world be required to receive a vaccine shot so that from day one they will never be able to develop antibodies naturally because the mRNA shuts inhibits this function?

Remember folks, Sars-Cov2 is only a threat to 0.7% of the general population. While variants are contagious in nature, being “infected” with covid may not mean you are sick from it, or even threatened. That you may spread the virus being asymptomatic is what the CDC deems to be a threat. The government is in the business of trying to prevent covid from spreading, which is impossible. All viruses spread. It’s how the virus affects your immune response that matters.

The CDC, the FDA, whatever governing body that serves the general public needs to be honest about these very important and vital questions because the answers will determine the course of humanity for at least the decade.

Will the current regiment of vaccines to prevent a person from getting sick from Covid-19 also make the body dependant as a result of the mRNA “shutting off” the body’s natural immunity, or will the vaccines inhibit growth of naturally occuring antibodies, also making people dependent on continuous vaccine shots or “boosters?”

You see where this leads. It leads a society segregated under the guise of health safety; If you are the unvaxxed, you are shut out, you are deemed a threat. And iF you succumb and take the vax you are forever dependent on the government for the next dose because your body no longer fights against covid unless they have the mRNA code to fight it.

Sounds like a terrible science fiction plot, only its might be real, and having witnessed how our current leadership lies and is willing to destroy economies for political gain it wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t the plan all along.

Climate Change ideology was grooming us to be compliant to paying more and allowing ourselves to be punished for “harming the environment” in the form of “sacrifices” we needed to make to “save the planet.”

It still ensues. Even Obama’s former Transportation Secretary stated high gases prices are good because it will “force people to adapt.”

In the UK, Germany and France, energy prices have quadrupled as people are forced to convert to renewable energy which is 92% percent less efficient, so fossil fuel prices are artificially high due to government carbon tax laws that allow governments to charge fuel companies a carbon tax which is passed on the citizen.

Compliance is key to managing society for its own good. Covid is climate change on steroids. Now they have fear – fear of death – to make people do what they are told, and demonize people who do not – thanks in large part to a compliant press.

Pay attention, the ride gets rockier.

To be continued…..

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