Manchurian Candidate Part 3

Latest podcast exposing our current leadership in the U.S.

Anyone old enough to remember Get Smart from the 1960’s remembers the funny line when Max (Don Adams) would tell the Chief (Ed Platt) whenever the Chief threatens to fire Max, Smart would always say “you can’t fire me, because then Larrabee moves up.”

Larrabee was the buffoon, the overzealous agent who couldn’t rescue himself out of a paper bag, and who felt lucky just to be called a secret agent and carry a badge.

Kamala Harris is our Larrabee. She is the unqualified former Senator from a State where she was hand-picked by the Democratic machine in California to replace Barbara Boxer, and who has since made a name for herself by lambasting a perfectly innocent Judge in order to look like a strong presidential candidate, a person who only got the VP pick because Joe Biden needed to fulfill his promise to appoint a woman of color as his vice president.

In other words, Kamala Harris is next in line to be the president only because of her skin color. It was not according to her experience in intelligence or law, nor her experience as an administrator or prosecutor, or even ex-military officer or serviceperson who has served in battle. VP Harris has authored no books, no major bills of significance during her time as Senator, nor has she offered expertise or even wisdom on any particular subject other than to dance, laugh and endorse protests for social justice.

Our Vice President is a product, a contrivance really, of the political machine that governs the Democratic party.

Would it be great to finally have our first African-Indian-Haitian-American woman as U.S. president? Sure it would, but how would history reflect on the first female (and Black) president also being a symbol of America’s downfall and final blow during this crucial time in history?

Not good I am afraid.

We can expect the Biden era to end soon because of pressure and failing health, at which time the Executive branch of the United States will be run by proxy, by committee and by consensus. It will be Jill Biden, President Harris, Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin, Sec. of State Antony Blinken and Attorney General Merrick Garland calling the shots. We will literally have a room full of Larrabee’s running the White House, a cabal of 2nd rate offshoots from the previous Democrat presidency who left no real legacy other than to make Obama look good.

I secretly hope this is all an illusion and behind the scenes there are really brilliant people protecting us, but I have been around long enough to know the Peter Principle is alive and well and the calvary is not coming. This is all we have.

Maybe the only reason we have freedom in this country is not because we are willing to fight for it, as our ancestors once did, but because someone else left it for us so we could play with our gender and our free money. Meanwhile the rest of the world, like in the season-two finale of The Walking Dead, descends upon America ready to tear us apart.

It becomes clearer by the day (to everyone but the White House inner circle) Biden is even more of a threat to our Republic than first imagined. It is hard to believe the acts of one man can bring down this country – but it’s harder to come to the realization he may actually be doing it on purpose depending on who is influencing him. Is it the Left, or is it by who is controlling the Left (the CCP)?

In a queer sort of way (non-sexual reference for those who remember proper English), if there was such thing a Manchurian Candidate in our midsts, this is exactly how they would behave. They would systematically dismantle every good thing that makes this country function properly. Look around, the border is broken, energy is 30-40% more expensive, crime is up, racial discord strikes deep, free speech is under assault and our children are being kept stupid because adults (including our president) do not know science!

You have to wonder: does Joe spend his evenings playing cards by himself at his bedside waiting for the call from Xi (“Hello President Joseph Robinette Biden…”)? Or else Joe really is our version of Maxwell Smart and he eventually will fumble his way to a good outcome. Let us pray this is a comedy and not a tragedy.

I hope so, otherwise we will be stuck with a room full of overexcited Larrabee running the country.

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