While the Death Rate of Covid Falls – The Death of Liberty Rises

Source: Our World in Data

Below are the most recent charts showing daily death averages in countries hard hit by Covid and covid restrictions. The countries I have shown are countries that are mostly free, democratically organized countries. In each of the these shown below, despite falling death rates (due to improved treatment and therapy), mask mandates, health passports, lockdowns and covid tracking devices are being implemented at fever pitch.

It doesn’t make sense.

In almost every country listed more people die from influenza, heart attacks and opioid overdoses than from coronavirus, and yet draconian measures are being implemented with the full force of the law. Companies are mandating employees to get vaxxed, government agencies are mandating vaccines or you can’t have access to basic activities that are usually afforded every citizen.

All of this data is located on the menu bar under COVID on this site. It has always been there for people to see, but people don’t see it and the authorities count on you being ignorant.

With death rates dropping, we should all be asking why the increased mandates and punitive measures now, towards the unvaccinated, when the threat seems to be going away?

Since the peak in January Covid deaths have decreased by 9%. In January the average daily death rate was over 4,400, our peak.
Notice in India the average number of people who succumb to covid related illness is 408, compared 4,600 three months ago, a 90% decrease.

Australia, which has seen less than 1,000 fatalities is averaging 3 per day, and yet the entire country is in military lockdown and has been since cases began rising two months ago.
France, which is requiring mandatory health passes in order to enjoy basic liberties like eating and going to a movie, has never seen more than 680 deaths in a single day, is down 90% since last year. The entire country is protesting, and now you know why.

The UK is registering under a 100 Covid deaths per day on average, a slight increase from last month, but still down over 90% at its worst in mid January 2021

There is no cherry picking. In places like Russia (860 deaths per day), Brazil (839) and Indonesia (1200 per day), these are the most hard hit countries right now, and even those fatalities numbers are dropping from day to day.

Deaths are the final measurement of impact. No country today is worse off than at any time last year in terms of fatalities. Previously it would have been justified institute ‘stay in place’ measures during early outbreaks, but such measures and mandates today being rolled out seem almost spiteful, if not obsolete, as if there is a direct attempt to maintain a grip on power, or to exude feigned leadership when the worst has passed.

It’s like a neighbor yelling “hide!” when the storm has already moved through.

It is obvious leadership at all levels have been juiced up on power. The data doesn’t lie, but our leaders are. We are being told to live in fear and only they can protect us if we do what they say. This is probably the worst possible time to be alive if you love freedom. Because freedom is dying.

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