How To Take Over a Weak Country

Did you see how quickly the Taliban took over Afghanistan? Imagine if the Woke Democrats suddenly took over the U.S.? What might that look like?

It might look like this:

First, you would rig the elections so that you always won. It’s easy to do when you have operatives citizens who get perks for supporting the cause. We saw this in the 2020 elections. You think Nancy Pelosi did that all by herself?

Second, you would, over the course of the decade, begin infiltrating media and big tech, to make sure they were on board with mis and disinformation so that only one “truth” comes out (Twitter, Facebook bans), and to use these mediums to isolate and stigmatize dissenters, including parents, doctors, members of the community, and corporate officers who deviate from the message of the ruling party.

Third, you would use citizens to report on and attack those who are seen as a threat. In this case you would allow criminal behavior of one group against another in the name of social justice (BLM and Antifa) , but you would also demonize a subset of people as heretical nationalist racists (Trump or conservative patriotic supporters), so that no public sympathy is ever afforded towards those groups. Denigrating words like, “threat,” “cockroaches,” or “deplorables” are used to describe the opposition.

Lastly, you put into the White House two progressive and tepidly-weak personalities who are deathly afraid of upsetting their base, and are so highly inept at decision making they are easily influenced by stronger progressives who wish to culturally transform the U.S, into their own Taliban version of WOKE Tyranny where:

  1. You can’t have guns (they are dangerous)

2. If you are caucasian you MUST give up your seat to BIPOC or LGBTQ or face hate crime laws

3. You must allow your children to be taught new education that teaches you are inherently racist and misogynistic and must be marginalized.

4. You must not expose any feelings of national patriotism; you are a global citizen, no better, nor worse than any other citizen, and certainly not entitled to any special “privileges,” simply because you are American (or white). Your history is no longer relevant in the new order because it contains hate and fundamental racism.

5. When posting any social media, if you deviate from the new party ideology, or spread any misinformation that is contrary to the government-sponsored fact-checkers, you will be restricted from access to banks, traveling and only limited access to information or entertainment. You will also be required to be monitored to ensure compliance.

You see, power is power. China uses its tech power and its pecking order (neighbors become spies to earn social privileges) to control society. Their version of “see something, say something,” keeps power flowing inward, to the State.

We have recently adopted this strategy of turning neighbor against neighbor with Covid. People were being asked by State government to report large gatherings to local health officials.

When the Taliban take over, and while their rules may be different, in application, they are used for the same purpose, to control people and to keep power flowing inward toward the State. In their case they use the religion of fear. In China is social stigma or prison.

Some Deep-State strategists in U.S. leadership had hoped to use climate change as a way to control society in the future by controlling people’s energy output. COVID presented a much more effective plan because fear, we learned, was a much faster way to move society towards a tyrannical order of control. It is working fabulously around the world and has proven to be quite effective in the U.S.

New Zealand just locked down today (again) because of one coronavirus case, not death, but case. France, despite millions of protests, now requires health passports for all citizens. The CDC just announced this morning we will need to get a “booster” vaccine shot after eight months of getting the initial covid jab. By then, heath passports or apps, like the ones they use in China (that Google helped develop) tracks people who are not vaccinated, will be mandatory, and you can bet President Harris will most likely issue an executive order forcing every American to get a jab, or face criminal charges.

Remember, it’s about power, not safety.

At the end of all of this, history shows, are the revolts that come when the people have simply had enough, when the water begins to boil and people realize the “Give Me Liberty-Or Give Me Death” moment is here.

The water is not boiling just yet, at least not in the U.S. Too many are still asleep, or they have not yet realized the great reset is already underway.

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