Does American Leadership Still Stand?

Some may love the idea of U.S hegemony giving way in Afghanistan, but the people who live in Kabul tonight are very afraid. They should be.

When the Taliban takes over this northwest Asia country, they will most assuredly drag millions of people back into the dark ages; civilization for these people will come to a halt.

Women will be reduced to the status of a dog. Men who do not submit to Allah will be subject to prison. It is the inverse opposite of China, but instead of being punished for being a threat the State, you are punished for not embracing the rules of strict Islamic Law. Different ideology, same thirst for power and control, only rooted on 9th Century religion.

The swift reversion is as much a reflection of the limitations of American Imperialism as much as it is the unwillingness of certain power centers in Afghanistan who refuse to give up religious control. In the end, the people of this country will ultimately choose their path because it most certainly will not be the feckless and immature leadership we propped up thinking they would ultimately be able to protect themselves. Those leaders took the U.S. money and ran.

For twenty years Afghani’s have enjoyed and prospered under the protections of the presence of the U.S military, but the ruling party squandered that very same U.S. support so as to be totally unprepared for the Taliban strike. The old regime, to coin a phrase, were like snakes waiting to attack.

Was it a failure of U.S. policy? Perhaps. Sadly, there are too many wounds to count.

But the mission was correct. There were factions within this country that had attacked us. We needed to root out and destroy that enemy, and it behooved us – as well as the Afghani’s – to improve the lot of the people by helping to re-establish law and order, and to provide a real path to security in the name of human rights. To this end the United States was generous, but we cast our pearls before swine.

What remains to be seen is whether the Afghani people will rise up and take control of their future and not give in to the tyranny. The Taliban is not a large army, but they have guns. The people of Afghanistan do not have guns: a lesson for the West and how quickly a small group of people can assert power quickly.

This morning the cry is for Joe Biden to exert some kind of leadership, but he is absent; an historical blunder on his part that will result in a disastrous term so early in his presidency. There is no time in history when such an event as occurred where a a sitting U.S president has gone AWOL as a country we fought to build for two decades collapses before our collective eyes. Our adversaries are watching as eagerly as our allies and both are led to the same question: Does American leadership still stand?

Joe Biden may have already answered that question.

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