Joe Biden Is Just Getting Started

Things Joe got wrong in his first 120 days as president:

1. Ended or stalled major oil production in the U.S , driving fuel prices up 30%.

2. Kept unemployment artificially high by giving away money even though it was safe to go back to work.

3. Exposed the Southern border which is allowing a million or so migrants in this year alone, along with increased drugs and human trafficking, not to mention COVID.

4. While cutting the legs out of U.S. energy production of fuel, he makes it possible for Russia to continue the Nord Stream oil pipeline to Germany, increasing Europe’s dependence on Russia for energy, giving Russia an economic boost.

5. Foiled his own vaccination program by instilling doubt into efficacy and telling Americans “Dark times are ahead.”

6. Has knowingly broken an oath by extending the eviction moratorium, putting millions of land owners at risk of bankruptcy.

6. Removed stability from Afghanistan, thus galvanizing terrorism throughout the Middle East.

7. Caving to Iranian demands and ending Trump’s sanctions to “get to the table on Nuclear talks,” that empower Iran’s influence in the region, putting Israel at increased risk.

8. Re-ignited the U.S. into the costly Paris Climate Accord which will drain U.S. taxpayers of a half a billion dollars for research and renewable projects that will do little to nothing to curb carbon output – but will drive up world energy costs and forced impoverished nations to suffer even more hardship from lack of access to cheap energy.

9. Has failed to curb U.S. violence in America’s major cities and instead, supports draconian leadership concerned about mask-wearing and vaccine shots for those least vulnerable to COVID.

10. Has stalled what should have been a roaring economy.

Bear in mind all of the above are self-inflicted wounds.

I said to my fellow Americans who were so desperate to elect this man thinking their problems would go away. Now we have new and arguably worse problems and we are only 120 days into the new administration.

If the stock market crashes, a COVID outbreak of a new variant gets worse, or a Chinese attempt to take over another foreign territory takes place, this leadership will fold like a two-dollar suitcase, if it hasn’t done so already.

Biden doesn’t just have blood on his hands today with the chaos erupting for ten million people in Afghanistan, but here at home as well, with homeless rising, drug abuse and crime out of control it’s hard to imagine things could worse.

Famous last words, right?

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