An Argument Against Vaccine Mandates

Everything can go wrong.

I live in Florida, the epicenter of many things. Even today, we are the state with the highest numbers of new cases and deaths. Since the beginning of the pandemic Florida has been especially hard hit owing to the overwhelming number if elderly who retire in our wonderful state.

People are not cowering in fear, however, and with the exception of a few months, our state has been open throughout. About half still wear masks and half don’t. My wife and I are vaccinated and we still use social distancing, avoid large crowds and try not to drool on anyone. This is called common sense.

I also remember it was August of 2020, almost a year ago when gathered as in a family reunion we were all marveling at 300- hundred deaths in one day in Florida. It was something we needed to take seriously, but the news reports seem to always include some political angle, or anti-Trump narrative, so I decided to follow the data myself. I found several sites that posted daily cases and death counts from COVID-19 I could rely on, including Johns Hopkins, Our World in Data and the CDC, and I have been documenting all of it since that time. My bi-weekly podcasts have been downloaded over a million times.

The numbers don’t lie. Statistics are your best friend. You can learn trendlines (even exposing when certain countries lie); you can test cases versus deaths, you can compare COVID to other diseases and see how they each track. Numbers are a wonderful thing because they leave out emotion. Accountants and tax experts will tell you numbers don’t lie – even when people try to.

Besides being frustrated by the mainstream media using trigger words like ’infections’ when its just ‘cases,’ disturbs me to no end. Even using the word ‘pandemic’ seeks to create panic. A pandemic like the Yellow Fever in 1920 was a pandemic. When ebola ravages a country like Liberia and kills 30% of those who truly get infected, that’s the time to state urgency, but when 98% of all cases are asymptomatic, there is no need to be urgent, or to instill fear.

To date, the world CFR (case fatality rate of cases versus deaths) has never exceeded 2%. Before Covid in 2017, 56 million people died that year of something, just to put things into perspective. To date 4.7 million people have died from COVID related illness in less than two years out of 203-million cases, or about 2% of those who got sick (not people who merely tested positive).

Which is why I cannot understand why our government is pushing vaccinations with children and the military. The president is so hellbent on getting people vaccinated, he doesn’t seem to care there is a process that has to take place so we don’t accidentally cause something that could have enormous ramifications if we are impatient.

71,700 out of 73,000,000 children under 17 (less than 1%) have been hospitalized for sickness related to COVID since the pandemic began. The U.S. military accounts for some of the lowest cases of COVID, and yet, power-players are pushing for these groups to get a shot of something that has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Worse still, the President has not appointed anyone who can approve the vaccines as of yet. No one has been confirmed to fill the FDA commissioners chair. But this isn’t causing the delay. What is causing the delay is testing, rigorous testing, the kind that makes the U.S. the leader in high-quality medicines and medical treatment. We are the touchstone of healthcare in the world. While we are also not perfect, and such standards are maintained because we don’t bow to pressure to ‘move something along,’ and especially not for political reasons. The FDA allowed emergency use to protect the most vulnerable, it was a calculated risk because people over the age of 65 were extremely vulnerable.

Our military are charged with defending this country against foreign invaders. They stand on that wall so you and I can sleep at night, to coin a phrase you might remember from A Few Good Men. If they are not at risk, why can we not wait until final FDA approval before we give them something we cannot undo?

Our children are our future. How much risk are you willing to take to inject them with something that could permanently damage their growth, or heart, or their vascular system when the disease may be less dangerous than the cure?

What is wrong with waiting six months to allow the FDA to do its job and make sure the drugs we stick into our arms and bodies pass the sniff test, especially since this is a new virus, and especially because two of the vaccinations use a new methodology (mRNA). And further, why does the media think it has to pressure the body politic simply because the CDC (and the DNC) want to vaccinate every single person when these influential institutions should be endorsing prudence, not sidestepping it?

We all know the adage, you want it done right now, or do you want it done right?

It is the responsible and right thing to do for us to painstakingly let the FDA do its job. If we don’t, this self-inflicted wound may be one we cannot recover from for decades.

There have been 12,000 death related to, or were subsequent to receiving one or more doses of the vaccines, according to the CDC Vaers reporting program.

True, we don’t have data on cases other than deaths that occurred within a week after the vaccine, but we need to understand why people die at all. This will help us understand what we need to improve upon, or what signs to look for when administering the vaccines.


  1. Please, don’t give it to the soldiers or young kids. It can kill them from blood clots or hurt their hearts. Biden, is trying to kill soldiers in Afghanistan.

    I would love to know if any of our government congress has taking Or Fauci or Bill Gates or Trump the jab.

    What’s their urgency???


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