Behind the Panic: What Do The Experts Know About The Virus That We Don’t?

Why are they pushing so hard for everyone to get vaccinated? Are the experts really this confident these vaccines pose no long-term underlying side effects, as we have discussed in previous articles I have posted?

I started to examine this a little closer. I am, like you, truly baffled and confused by the mixed messages in our fight against covid.

First it was the lockdowns that never seem to end, we were told to spread the curve. Then we were told to wear masks, but then masks were proven to not be effective, but washing hands and social distancing were, fine. Got it.

Then the vaccines roll out and we all noticed that except for older people, most people who catch covid don’t even get sick, but they too, need to take the shot. Okay, fine. Got it.

Then we are told if you take the vaccination, you can take off the mask, but now, you need to keep the mask on because though vaccinated you can still give covid to someone who hasn’t been vaccinated, so now by taking a jab I become cured, but I also become a carrier. Not so good.

But wait, now the variants, first called out by the city from which they came, but then that was seen as racist so we assigned greek names so no one knows for sure where it came from, for reasons we are told do not matter. But these strains are more aggressive and less lethal, accept they are more lethal for young people. Everyone needs to get the shot now, even people who have little risk of getting the virus, you too, can be a spreader, and even after the shot, you will still be a spreader, so mask up.

Can you see how this has become horrifically confusing?

Countries are adopting strict measures, economies are in shambles and people are deathly afraid of catching covid to the exclusion of anything else going on in their life. 

If the virus is truly this infectious and deadly why are there relatively few deaths? Yellow Fever claimed 20 Million lives over about the same period as we have had covid, and by the way, there was never a vaccine developed

If the virus only truly impacts 2% of us, why the mad rush to vaccinate when even the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread, nor do we know if it will be effective for the variants that may come our way?

I’m not against people getting vaxxed. I have and I am glad because I fit in that age group where I could easily be in the hospital, as well as my wife. We’re from the 60’s, we smoked like you did. But what concerns me is the numbers don’t add up, and the experts should know this, unless they know something else that perhaps they aren’t telling us.

If Dr. Anthony Fauci was in on the research, which he most assuredly was since it was he who authorized funding for bat research and coronavirus in Wuhan, then perhaps they have intel that says everyone on the planet is in imminent danger because he knows this engineered virus IS going to finally mutate into a super killer. Maybe it is this fact that keeps Uncle Joe up at night and Kamala Harris out of site. Perhaps this is the reason the uber rich elite are packing up and moving to remote places where they will be out of danger, and perhaps this is why the richest people in the world are forcing countries to vaccinate, because they too have been told the variants are going to do more damage than the WuFlu virus itself because it was designed to mutate and grow strong forever.

When I was a kid I remember my dad pull me really fast from a passing cars’ path. I might have been mad at him for screaming at me, but once I realized he was saving my life and didn’t have time to explain, I realized it was appropriate. 

Perhaps “the experts” should tell us the truth about the coronavirus variants and what they fear. Perhaps because this virus was engineered there is something more to worry about than we realize, something akin to a bio-weapon that is now out of control and unpredictable. Because if you went by the numbers, cases may up but deaths are staying below where they were six months to a year ago. Unless scientists involved can tell us something more about the urgency for pushing vaccinations that only affects less than two percent of the population, what is really driving the panic?


  1. No. We’re confused by information and disinformation, not truly thinking for ourselves. You cannot survive with your sanity intact trusting in others for your own common sense and responsibility to think for yourselves. Faith is very key.


  2. I will NOT take the vaccine because I have a greater chance of dying by being STRUCK BY LIGHTNING or being STRUCK BY AN ASTEROID than from Covid. No, no, no, no’


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