Manchurian Candidate Part 2

Our adversaries are very wise, perhaps even wiser than we anticipated.

Pause to consider this scenario as unfolding, and tell me if you disagree such a plan is beyond the realm of possibility, a plan which involves a small turning of the screws, but just enough to topple the great American Empire.

Under the direction and funding of the CCP, BLM, CRT and a guilt-ridden Anglo-Saxon culture, a devious plan is created in which a gullible America, wallowing in centuries of old guilt, becomes willing subjects to a rising army of militant ‘social justice warriors’ who infiltrate our media, our business, our corporate structure and our schools so as to be in position to influence Marxist doctrine sponsored by the CCP. Under this guise, America would not even realize we were in fact, being run by the CCP – until it was too late. The seeds had already been sown.

Think about it.

We know Uncle Joe probably has naughty pictures somewhere of him getting oral sex from someone three quarters his age, along with other pictures of Hunter in positions daddy would prefer the world not know about.

Could our own commander-in-chief be under the extortive influence of the Chinese? 

When Hunter’s laptop was discovered in New Jersey weeks before the November election in which Joe Biden won by an historic landslide, it would have been simple for the powers behind the scenes to give instruction to the American media to quash the Biden laptop story for national security reasons, or because perhaps the CCP didn’t want the world to know about those pictures until just yet; otherwise the CCP would be unable to use what was on that laptop to control our current sitting president. Add to this such a discovery would have assured a Trump re-election, something the CCP couldn’t let happen. It is the Manchurian candidate and truth is stranger than fiction.

But back to my theory about Blacks being allowed to take control as de facto representatives of the newly-emerging Marxist ideology sweeping America under the guise of fighting social justice.

Meanwhile Blacks now have unbound influence in media, sports, business and to a certain extent, LGBTQ simply for being black.

For fear of being called out by an artificial army of twitter bots (most of whom are based in Beijing) who can heckle anyone into oblivion if they tried, the rest of America is silent and afraid to be singled out and destroyed.

Race, gender and class control the narrative, and each assert a Marxist ideology because Marxism is only about class struggle. It’s a trick used by drawing upon the sympathies of good people to appease guilt.

Tammy Bruce calls them ‘race hustlers.’

The oppressed have become the oppressor. 

Xi is smiling.

Remember, all media quashed the Hunter Biden story because it exposed the Joe Biden story, the one in which the ‘big guy’ gets a ten percent cut off the top from any business dealings in China – for a price.


Are you following me?

Could the pandemic be used as a tool to initiative still further restrictions on freedom, just as the Chinese would want? Neighbor being turned against neighbor because half of the world believes, because the propaganda is working, that anyone who isn’t vaccinated can kill you and they deserve to be cut, like a cancer, from the body.

China started this. It’s a winning strategy, and the combination of social credit scores, vax passports, continued business closings, continued mask wearing to keep us in line, and continue power grabs, all conspiring to bring us this much closer to internal collapse so that the only thing we can do is acquiesce to socialism and centralized fascism (where government must run everything to keep us safe). 

Welcome to the Communized West.

One more thing the Chinese have given to those who wish to control us. Censorship. 

Oppose lockdowns? You are spreading misinformation.

Challenge vaccines? You are risking people’s lives.

Challenge any black protestor? You are racist.

Challenge LGBTQ? You are cancelled and shamed publicly on social media.

How much different are we really from China at this point?

It’s a good question to start asking, because when you do, you begin to understand this may not be a whacky theory after all.

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