Why I (We) Blog

During a viewing of Steven Spielberg’s monumental epoch Schindler’s List I was amazed at how quickly Germany went from being a ‘normal” country to being a nation where massive numbers of people were marginalized, and eventually sent off to die. How did it happen in less than five years? How do people adjust to knowing their neighbors, because they are somehow different, are sent off to die?

This is why we blog. Because I see now how things like that can happen “in five years.”

I’m not sure if I can be shut down by WordPress, they haven’t done it yet. Maybe I haven’t said the wrong thing just yet, or perhaps I am not “trending” so I can fly under the radar, though I do chalk up about 3,000 views a month, so I know I have some people who like what I have to say. But that isn’t why I do it.

I write and repost stories that have real relevance to our future way of life. I write about liberty, about the dangers of secularism as well as communism, and about biased media and all of those things that have real relevance in our life. Rational people know the system is going in the wrong direction and feel helpless. They need to be assured they are not alone in these feelings. The system today isn’t just broken, it’s been hijacked. It’s why people like me speak out.

You and I are not alone, we are the silent majority of decent people who believe in God and believe in free will and the right to exist unfettered because we are endowed by our Creator, and are being challenged to put up a fight against evil. The way we do it is to keep alive the rational truth and keep spreading the truth so that they can no longer shut me/you/us down just because we believe in the right to exist with free-will.

I am in this fight to help rescue my fellow neighbor from dangerous leadership that is leading them and you over a cliff. I will fight for your freedom even if you won’t; I will press for your liberty even if you can’t: and I will continue speak out against tyranny because I know I will be vindicated by history. Moral victories are often not seen in the present. That’s okay. Liberty is still worth fighting for.

For example , and there are many. President Joe Biden broke an oath. He said it. He declared it. Our president, on the afternoon of August 4th, 2021 (less than eight months from the day he swore to uphold the constitution), possibly for the first time in U.S. history, publicly stated he was breaking his oath to the American people by circumventing U.S. law and force landowners into possible bankruptcy.

Once you cross the line, whether it’s robbing a store, raping a victim, or violating an oath you swore to uphold, you have crossed the line and can no longer be trusted. Using his unbridled power to usurp legislative powers to force landowners to go broke because of a pandemic they did not cause, is unprecedented. This our president has done, and this is one reason why I/we blog.

The mainstream media will not protect us, our elected officials cannot do everything for us, and so to keep truth alive and to keep reminding ourselves why we fight and why we protest to save our Republic, this blog exists.

We must all support independent voices. Blogging is how we can keep each other informed, it’s our way of circumventing Facebook and YouTube and Twitter. They can block us, but they cannot prevent us from sharing our original content and our ideas. At least not yet.

Follow and share blogs you like. This keeps the information flowing, it keeps lovers of freedom connected. The powers against us do not want us to communicate with each other. They want us to follow the crowd at chow time and keep quiet.

In a totalitarian State it is said it only takes a few voices to sow dissent, and so those few voices are hunted down and dragged away so as to keep the people “safe” from troubling thoughts. Is this the country you want to leave your children?

If you care about simple freedom of speech, to protest, to even be allowed to hear dissenting views without the fear of being censored, write, write and write more. Share. Keep the flame of liberty burning.

This website started as a pro-Liberty canon, going back a number of years. It has evolved to include Corvid news because I wish to log the events as they have unfolded since the beginning. I want to archive events so we have a reference that cannot be be altered. It’s why I repost articles of significance.

It’s all there, and in my Coronavirus Updates podcast is also there, documenting it all in a light that isn’t run through the filter of agenda-driven fact checkers and other media elites who only want their narrative to be told.

This blogs exists because I have faith in the human spirit. I also have faith the Most Highs Rule in the Kingdom of Men, and if you want to have a talk about that, feel free to reach out anytime at jimthetalker@gmail.com

Jordan Peterson once said you will meet one -thousand people in your lifetime, and each of those people you meet will also meet one-thousand people, which puts you one person away from influencing one-million people.

What you do matters. Don’t ever forget that.

Jim Watkins is the editor of chief content provider of Candidly Speaking.net and also the host of the Coronavirus Update podcast.

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