Global Enmity

And I will put enmity
between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel.”

-Genesis 3:15

Twitter and Facebook have given us the ability to see each other’s thoughts in real time. The state of the world, what’s trending, what’s viral, what someone said, the endless feedback loop, being able to use social media to direct soldiers of support to commit criminal acts, the whole of humanity being distracted by the continious feed of new information, all of this tumbling in like a waterfall of digits washing over our faces, and it is has brought us to enmity.

TMI, or too much information has created a new dynamic in modern life. We are in a constant state of anger, frustration, despair and hopelessness; one can wake up every day expecting they will face a cacophony of bad news and uncontrollable events, like the plague that never seems to end, the political mudlsinging and deception at constant fever-pitch, cheered on by both sides as each asserts its footing over ever-greater influence.

Enmity. Greed. Power.

Humanity has made great strides, but we have been neglective of wisdom and wise stewardship. To many, it is now perfectly acceptable to indoctrinate our children into political group think. The Village is taking over. We want children – CHILDREN – to play along with us as we dance through the lilifields of narcissm and self-desire, to be whatever we want to be, for all to embrace our delusions as “my truth,” and forcing everyone else to play along – or else.

There is a saying that too much wisdom leads to self-destruction, because man, still scraping off the evoltuionary mud from a million years of existence, is simply not intellectually strong enough to sustain what has been created.

Look around you, how many cars do we need to produce to flood our highways? Think of where life was in 1920 when cars were the new thing and airplanes were just two-seaters meant mainly for military or crop-dusting. Juxtapose a Ford Model A driving down a country road (because real roads have yet to be constructed) against the backdrop of the 405 freeway n Los Angeles every single day for 16 hours straight as cars pack as far as the eye can see, multiplied by a hundred freeways in a hundred different cities.

This is the metaphoric image of man grabbing too much in too short a time. How can we possibly maintain this momentum?

Dorothy can’t go back to Kansas and humanity cannot close the genie’s bottle, but we must, for the sake of our future survival, consider priorities and accept our differences as different groups.

We the people must come together.

The media and people in power seek to divide us for the sake of achieving and consolidating power. We know this. Every time Uncle Joe or VP Harris says “Jim Crow,” it is for the specific purpose of getting people of color incensed. Joe knows it. Pollsters know it. Wolf Blitzer knows it. Everytime Nicole Wallace picks on Trump voters, and then Breitbart reports its, people get incensed, we know it, they know. It’s the game we play to stay divided.

It starts with recognizing we have a problem, and the problem is we are guided by influencers who are in great positions of authority and power, and who are willing to lead mankind over a cliff it it means good ratings, or increased authority, or a place at the dinner table in the Farmers house (for those of you who have actually read Animal Farm).

This is not a cry to end capitalism, nor to have overlords decide for us what we must sacrifice for “the greater good,” but rather, this is a call for each of us to clean up our own mess for, to recalibrate our lives and try to determine what really matters, which should be family, friends, community improvement, good health, helping others, and a healthy dose of spiritual humility.

Let’s start there.

Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, the newly elected communist president of Peru, Turkey’s Edorgan, China’s Xi’s, Iran’s Red Guard, these are the bad actors of today because the power have fuels enmity. They use it to retain power. 50 million North Koreans are starving right now because the government of China and North Korea, to prevent a COVID pandemic, and to save food for the elite few. This is where we are headed in the West.

Big tech leaders like Pichai, Zuckerberg and Dorsey, are adding fuel to the fire of enmity for great profits. These hi-tech wizards knowingly manipulate, track, profit and exploit every single customer they have. You are addicted to it because they have made it addictive. These self-appointed oligarchs have taken it upon themselves to assume the role guardians of power. They have abused their gifts.

Remember that.

This has to end.

Social media is moving us backward because the sharing of information provides an environment where the lowest intellectual common denominator is achieved, as is stated in Scott Pecks’ People fo the Lie. In any given social situation, the group intellect will always sink to the lowest intellect; it’s the trivial mind or the immature person who controls the dialogue.

The world today is moving at bullet speed and when it crashes we all crash with it. The only way we can prevent it is for the people to stop it by being better stewards, wiser neighbors to our fellows, not give more power to elected leaders or celebrity spokespeople who work for anti-liberty causes. Turn away from these allegoric Sodoms and save yourself from being turned into proverbial ash, a waste of carbon with a dulled mind.

We the people, you and me, lovers of liberty, lovers of God, lovers of peace and goodwill are the answer. We are also the future if there is to be a future.

Enmity will destroy us.

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