What I Love about Yesterday

I was recently enjoying a YouTube video from 1969’s American Bandstand as young adults and older teens are dancing to the Archies Sugar, Sugar.

I was six when the song came out and it’s one of the catchiest pops songs ever written and recorded. Ron Dante, the vocalist for the cartoon rock band The Archies doesn’t get enough credit for nailing the vocals with perfection. The song also captures a certain innocence that no longer exists today, and it’s terribly wrong that this innocence has been ripped from the heart of humanity.

Watch the short video. You see young people, not rioting, hating, full of woke and wanting to bring down humanity out of juvenile righteousness, instead they are dancing, smiling, well-dressed, clean and guess what, even in 1969 you see diversity, you see people, yes, people, having fun.

It is so wrong the way it is today. We can never go back. The genie bottle is open, and the ugliness of humanity is in full view like a rotten, festering boil.

We took a bite of the apple from the tree of knowledge and we got too smart for our own good. We lost track of what mattered and gote mired in what didn’t. Today’s kids are having their souls stolen from them. I fear the emotional disconnect millions of them will feel in the ages to come. I actually pray for them and am extremely happy my children were raised by the time 2020 came into existence.

The sweetness of innocence has been replaced by the coldness of apprehension and fear, of being harmed by unseen forces and even by loved ones who might carry the virus

No thank you. I hate today’s world and I refuse to accept we can never return to 1969.

We deserve everything that is going wrong today. We deserve it because we have corrupted political leaders, news media prostitutes who have sold their soul to devil, techno-rich who are the devil, and a humanity steeped in engorgement of all things superficial just to distract us from the hell that we now call the modern day.

And there is no one to blame but ourselves.

Until the shit leaders go away nothing will change. Know this.

The power to vote is the only thing we have left, and this may even be questionable.

At least I still have my memories.

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