The Ignorant Class

These are the people in any given society who want to believe the system is working for them. We might call them ‘the Elite’ in our country, but in China it would be ‘the Party,’ the educated class, those who managed to fill the 10% class of who lives better.

In our country it is the the uber rich who fill this position, or the political class and the deep-State class of government workers.

But they believe in the system and the propaganda the system provides telling them everything is okay.

Just as China presents the Uyhghurs as a small problem, so do also minimize vaccine adverse effects, or election integrity.

The public doesn’t need to know the details, they just need to be reassured everything is going to be okay.

It is why they wear the mask.

It is why they don’t object.

It is why they agree or stay silent if it is consensus, the ‘group voice,’ oftentimes referred to as ‘going viral.’

They choose to stay ignorant and follow the crowd at chow time. No questions asked.

This passive, apathetic approach to life is exactly what happens in most socialist countries, people just give up or give in to hopelessness. They give in because they feel powerless.

Sometimes it’s just easier to eat the steak and pretend it tastes good.

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