Inventor of mRNA Vaccine: Some Covid Vaccines Make the Virus More Dangerous

About a decade ago before everyone decided to throw in the intellectual towel and buy into the climate change fraud scheme, the former founder of the now discredited Weather Channel publicly declared there was no such thing as man-made climate change. He was never challenged but he was ignored. John Coleman died this year, he was 83. John was a trend setter, the first national forecaster for ABC’s Good Morning America, he went on to found TWC, which was finally taken over by MSNBC in the last few years.

The former decent weather outlet has become nothing but a shill for the progressive propaganda machine otherwise known as the militant Eco Left. They even feature a Weather Justice segment which showcases how the climate is racist (I am not joking).

So when John Coleman declared that man has nothing to do with climate change, he got pushed to the side. Had he said something like that today he would have been surely cancelled. As it was, he was simply ignored, he drifted off into retirement.

But I know you didn’t come by to have me rehash this issue. Back to my point about John Coleman. John was dismissed and we will pay the price if he turns out to be right. We will have wasted resources beyond belief. We will choke from our own consumption.

The same is true if we ignore Dr. Robert Malone

Who is Dr. Robert Malone?

He is the scientists who developed the mRNA technology that went into your arm if you, like me, recently had a vaccine shot from Pfizer or Moderna. He is also now telling the world that mRNA vaccines have a really bad side effect. It causes you to get sicker if you have other illnesses because your body loses its ability to fight off other infections. Your immune system have been somewhat diminished, or neutralized. Even the vaccinated can still get COVID and now, physicians are telling you to mask up because YOU and not the unvaccinated, pose a greater health risk because you will become more infectious. 

Read the article HERE before it gets scrubbed.

The CDC is using special words to tell you this, words such as “rare-breakthrough-reinfections,” and the “highly-contagious Delta variant,” that vaccines weren’t made for. Now we are hearing about booster shots and even annual boosters will be required. In other words, your body will need to have the shot to keep you from getting sick. Nice deal, right? What other “side effects” will be caused by a mandatory therapy of an mRNA vaccine? No one knows. And that is the point, isn’t it?

At the end of the day, and while the news media is barking at everyone to get the shot, and while the FDA is being pressured to approve the experimental vaccines, and while Biden is screaming at his entire federal employee system to take it or be fired, the doctor who created this vaccine is now advising that we shouldn’t.

Dr, Malone is being ignored. Actually, he is being cancelled, literally. His articles have been pulled from YouTube, Twitter is probably blocking references to him, and most likely you will not even see this article.

If he is right, if we are committing social genocide, and he is cancelled because no one wants to hear the truth, then we will have done this to ourselves.

The good news is for those care, Fauci will be discredited, Biden and Kamala will probably be cancelled and most of the media will have no choice but to beg for forgiveness because the only people who didn’t get the vaccines were the deplorables, who now get to take over the earth because they didn’t take the jab.

Justice is sweet, isn’t it?

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