The Numbers Don’t Lie (and Why Being Safe Is Killing Us)

I’m not a scientist, I’m not even a doctor, but I can read a chart and I can sometimes put two and two together, and it seems to me the health experts at the CDC, NIH, as well as Dr. Anthony Fauci, backed by a submissive media that loves drama and fear, do not realize just how foolish and over-protective they are acting. They also seem completely oblivious to – or do not take responsibility for – the stringent policies that are being introduced because of information they recommend. These so-called health experts are ruining society because they are not looking at the complete picture. A one-size fits all approach to combating coronavirus is having deadly consequences.

the experts tells us it is vital young people get vaccinated even though there is almost no chance they will get sick from COVID. If a nine-year old child has a 99.7% chance of getting sick from covid, and remain asymptomatic, then why would you pressure them into taking an experimental vaccine that has thus far, resulted in unforeseen side effects including death? The risks of getting sick from COVID are horribly low, and there is no science that shows kids are super-spreaders; so why are adults even debating sending young children back to school, or worse forcing them to get vaccinated when we know we are inflicting mental anguish upon them in the meantime.

We are teaching our children to be frightened to live.

Does Dr. Fauci really believe kids wearing masks is a positive that outweighs the negative psychological effects of making our children literally scared to death of walking outside, or standing too close to a friend?

I used to know parents who were so afraid their children would get hurt they wouldn’t let them outside. These kids grow up strangely disconnected through grade school. Living in constant fear danger is near can contribute to emotional issues in adulthood, including being unable to form emotionally satisfying relationships.

Is this the desire of our health experts, to scare the young in to fearing life? Are our nation’s teachers also supportive of this tactic?

Health experts have closed businesses, tearing families and communities apart. When a news reporter says COVID “killed jobs,” the more accurate statement is our policies killed jobs, not the virus. Our reaction, our way of dealing with it with draconian measures is what is killing American society. These so-called experts have bled the patient nearly to death because they act with desperation, not with wisdom.

The fact the CDC keeps changing positions on mask-wearing, social-distancing rules and even vaccination-related issues such as long-term effectiveness, reveals uncertain analysis within the medical community itself. An example of this was best illustrated with the Barrington Letter published in October 2020 by a consortium of over 100 leading world health experts from various countries. In one half of the world you had health experts decrying lockdowns, meanwhile Western doctors were endorsing them, and a compliant Western media kept the Barrington letter out of sight from the American people.

Most elderly people, the most vulnerable members of the coronavirus, could have been segregated early or closely monitored even in the beginning of this pandemic. Instead, everyone paid the price because doctors wanted to ‘err on the side of caution’ and prevent a surge. It became the nightmare version of the game Simon Says.

Today, suddenly we are concerned about everyone having a vaccine when the stats haven’t changed. It is still primarily people over the age of 65 who get sick and die. Deaths are statistically the same.  Cases go up, media reports cases increase, but the death rates stay the same.

Look at the two charts below.

The first show cases since the pandemic began. Cases only reflect people getting tested, not sick. 98% of all people who test positive for COVID do not get sick. We are seeing a peak in new cases, yes, partly because people have been told about the Delta variant and have increased testing, not necessarily because people are getting sick. Cases are up among the unvaccinated, even statistically high, but still 70 to 80% lower than we had in January or last year.

The second chart shows deaths.

Look at where we were in January compared to day. We are 80% down from where we were seven months ago. Sure, deaths could rise, but bear in mind 66% of all Americans have been vaccinated, 32 million have antibodies and are immune, and of the remaining 35 million, only 5% over 65, the ones who should be tested and vaccinated if they choose, and who can be protected without having the whole country being mandated by law to “mask up” and “get the jab.”

Numbers don’t lie. Masks don’t work and young people are mostly immune. These are the words of the CDC, not mine. Not everyone needs to be vaccinated and people who reserve the right to yield should not be targeted as evil or uncaring. This new strategy is crossing dangerous grounds from which we may not be able to return.

And it irks millions that Dr. Fauci and the rest of his establishment-medical industry doesn’t see how dangerous their words can become to a nation that wants to get back to work, and probably should because we have beat this thing, if they would just SAY IT!

There is no reason for the head of the CDC to declare unvaccinated people can kill you. It is also irresponsible Dr. Fauci would label the unvaxxed as ignorant for exerting their human rights, such charges do not inspire confidence.

We are being divided by health dictates The next step is to insist the unvaxxed wear some item of clothing to show people how dangerous they are, and sadly, the media would probably encourage the behavior in the name of “being safe.”

Sound familiar?

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