Media Is Dead. Long Live The Media

Like many I spend a fair amount of time scrolling through headlines and keeping up on the latest news, most of which annoys me. Also like you, I tend to pick sites that most fit my tastes. For example I never read CNN, MSNBC or, if I can avoid it, ABC. In online media news I avoid websites that have a paywall, and I also hate sites that have so many ads blinking at me I can’t concentrate on reading.

In short, the news doesn’t bother me, but the way news is the same bothers me. Most of it is what someone said and not so much about someone did.

What also strikes me as odd is the news that isn’t reported. For example, I had no idea there were riots going on in France and England about covid vaccine passports. I also had no idea that Indonesia has more deaths from Covid than anywhere right now, and that Columbia and Russia have more covid deaths per day than the United States. I also had no idea Iceland had an active volcano oozing lava 20 miles from the nation’s capital, that South Africa is under siege because lockdowns have created panic in a country of 59.6 million people, that we are carpet-bombing Nigeria for reason that haven’t been explained, and that North Korea has the entire nation on rice rations for the next three years.

You see, in America, we seemed to only be focused on two, perhaps three stories. COVID cases (not deaths), which are still dropping despite the Delta variant, Joe Biden thinks any new election laws are connected to a guy named Jim Crow, and that kids in schools need to learn that America is a racist country

That’s it. That’s news in America. 

Sadly we have the best tech, the smartest directors, the most innovative production and probably the most revenue than any modern country in terms of allocation towards entertainment, and yet our content lacks substance, it’s not fake, its just pretend news, what people want the news to be, to carry whatever narrative they intend. Meanwhile the divide between left and right widens. It is not hard to see how a Civil War could erupt within years. It will take one straw to break America’s back, and even still, when streets are on fire, you will still be able to count on less-than-accurate news and continued media bias to blame only one side (conservative Republicans) for whatever happens.

I haven’t given up on U.S. news and entertainment yet, I still think we can turn things around, there are ups and downs in every industry, but for now I see it mostly for what it is, which is pure government propaganda meant to divide a nation.

Dr. King warned of us of this in 1962. I know this because I taught it to my fifth grade class when I taught real history several decades ago. He warned us then the media can be a great tool for good and could help make America a better place, or it can be used to divide and bring immorality to America.

For now, King, if alive today, would be embarrassed. He, like the rest of us, would see right through the charade. 

Our current media is bought and paid for by U.S. corporations, currying favor to politicians who have gone completely over the edge of progressivism at all costs.

Assume that most of what you see and hear is not just fake, it’s systematic brainwashing. Even local news takes the bait inserting progressivism in its news i.e., that all weather disasters are the direct result of man-made climate change, or that all people who are gay are automatically being discriminated against, or that all people who aren’t vaccinated pose a real health threat, or that all large gatherings are inherently bad, or that all people of color are in a constant fight against daily racism.

To be truthful, America survived the pandemic, we also helped develop a vaccine which saves lives, our children are safe, older people now have a vaccine that will protect them, and the economy is coming back to life. And yet I promise you when you watch the news tonight, 90% of it will be not only the same bad news about how bad COVID is, but how our government is racing against time to save us from ourselves because, well, that’s what governments do, right?

That’s exactly what they, the media, the new government power structure and the corporations want you to believe. And that is why people like me, all over the country are trying to wake you up before it’s too late and they have all of the power because we gave it to them willingly, out of fear.

Free and truthful media is dead. We can only hope when it finally resurrects it will regain its equilibrium and honor the public trust.

To be continued…

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