The Problem Isn’t Fauci, It’s Stupid Reporters

I get irritated when I see Dr. Fauci on TV spouting off on the latest theory about what is happening with COVID. But I have come to realize the reason I get upset isn’t because of what he is saying, but by what he is being asked by the brilliant minds over at ABC and CNN who only want to know how long we should continue to panic.

For example, instead of asking Dr. Fauci ”should we be worried about the Delta variant?” (which is like a patient asking a doctor if they should be worried about cancer) the real question should be, “what makes the new variant novel, what features does this variant have the other COVID didn’t?”, or even better, “what makes “highly contagious,” and if it is highly contagious, is it also highly deadly?”

Another example. The question shouldn’t be about how long should we wear masks, but “exactly how are masks effective in fighting the spread when we aren’t evacuating in our lungs when we breathe?” Or, isn’t it true the virus is smaller than the mask material and can easily pass through?”

Or, “Are masks really healthy for young children physically and emotionally?”

It’s about fear.

Today’s reporters ask simple questions to further the narrative that we are facing a formidable enemy, that we must stop everything in order to control it, which in this case means that if you don’t vaccinate you are going to not only die, but kill others as well. Never mind that we are still in a testing period of vaccines to ensure there are no long term side effects that would be detrimental to humanity. I guess that fact of science matters very little. Godzilla is coming.

Based on the severity of that premise, I have a few others important questions I would like Dr. Fauci to answer, including…

“Dr. Fauci, more children died from suicide this year than from COVID. Tell us again, what are the chances a child of say, nine, of getting sick and dying from COVID if they are not vaccinated? Do we have that number?”

“Dr. Fauci, do people who have had COVID and survived (30 million that we know ofm in the U.S. at last count) need to be vaccinated if they already have antibodies in their system?”

Here is another one:

“Dr. Fauci, can you tell us from the VAERS data, of the six-thousand people who have died after getting their first or second vaccine shot, will this be a factor in the FDA approval?” If so, how, and if not, why not?”

“Dr. Fauci, where do we stand on recent research on pregnant women being vaccinated with the Pfizer and/or Moderna vaccines. Have there been any conclusive studies on vaccine effects on the mother and/or the child?”

Another important question no one seems to ask:

“Dr. Fauci, should people be tested for antibodies before taking any vaccine?” If they have built in resistance, is it possible they may not need a vaccine shot, and if this is NOT true, explain why.”

You see, if all of the reporters softball questions simply allow Dr. Fauci to continue to dictate social policy when those very same policies do more harm than good, then misinformation will continue.

The status quo on how the media – and specifically, how Dr. Fauci – communicates information is both incomplete and haphazard, not to mention confusing.

We expect better from the highest paid government official in the U.S., and espcially from the media, a profession that prides itself as the best in the world.

One comment

  1. Dr. Fauci is part of the problem not just the media! He has not been honest or truthful, there is so much more than one side of this, and its coming out! Not a conspiracy!


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