The Day I Become A Globalist

In my heart I believe we will achieve peace on earth at some point in the future. It may take one hundred years, or even one-hundred thousand, but it will come when we are intelligent and mature enough to hold world peace in our hands and end world wars, poverty, famine and disease, when everyone can live like middle-class Americans, where we raise our kids in safety, we go to school plays, we play soccer on Saturday, church on Sunday, and have date night with our wives on Saturday night – and we never have to worry about some government entity coming into our home and taking us away to a labor camp because of something we said, or because we believed in the wrong God, or believed in anything at all.

But until then, and in our current state, there is simply no way we will achieve my version of utopia until a few things are settled.

First, China needs to take a knee. There is no way on earth the rest of humanity is going to be okay with China running things. They are incompetent and they are thieves. They even steal ocean and create artificial Islands because they want to. The only reason the CCP exists is because 93 million educated elites don’t mind seeing their 1.1 billion fellow countrymen suffer, just so they can have the good life as I described in the first paragraph.

China will not run the world, nor will Russia. The world will not yield to dictators. This does not get us to world peace.

Evil permeates the political landscape because human beings crave power. It is that power that destroys lives and causes pain beyond imagination. The savages of our species have been relegated to positions of power and prestige.

It is good to be reminded that the Vice President of the most free country on the planet was caught hiding evidence in a capital murder trial that would have exonerated the person she was persecuting as California’s Attorney General. Nothing personal, Kamala Harris is just an opportunist. People like her run governments as well as corporations. It’s why the world sucks right now.

I used to be angry that Chinas’s CCP removes organs from living Falun Gong prisoners being held throughout hospitals in China, until I became aware Planned Parenthood agents were selling aborted body parts to U.S. higher education facilities for research.

Who among wants to cast the first stone?

The world today is run by evil people and world peace can’t come while they are in charge. There has to be a true effort by the people, all citizens and from all countries, to push towards a truly international representative government that serves the interest of humankind and not the petty local or regional interests of governments and corporations “in the name of national security,” -and this can’t happen until we have a truly educated populace. Right now 3/4 of the world remains illiterate or is under totalitarian rule. World peace is a long way off, and people who want globalism right now fail to recognize we aren’t ready until certain boxes get checked off. The best thing the world has going for it is the American style of government.

Globalism is a dream for the future and will come when each nation, just like the U.S. did when our thirteen colonies decided, to create a government where the people give the government power, not the other way around. It can be done. It was done here and it has lasted for almost 250 years. 

The people of these United States would love to share our dream with you. We would like your country to be like our country, where citizens have rights and each State can have laws but no State is better than any other or more powerful. You don’t see California attacking Florida do you? It’s because we have mutual respect. We believe there is an American in everyone.

The problem with European attempts to created a united Europe is because you delegate centralized power to a planning commission who are not held accountable to the people. Let the people of each country chart its own course. The EU mandates a one-size-fits-all approaches that creates dissent and enmity towards groups within and between each Country. If Romania wants to make it illegal to house migrants from Syria, they should be allowed to. It has the right to self preservation.

Why does Brussels decide how much a farmer in Romania can sell his crop for, or to whom? 

The American system is the best. We have good checks and balances, we have three parts of government to keep each in check. You should try it. It has sustained us for over 240 years.

To the citizens of the many nations of Africa, look to our way of governance as well. Marxism isn’t working. You can’t control people forever. Your warlords will never cease until the blood of every African is spilled.

I say this to Xi Jinping Premier of Ch-Ch-China. He may not believe hell exists, but he’s going there. To him I say it’s not too late to consider freeing your people. The Chinese people will revolt when they have nothing else to lose, which is fast approaching.

America represents the world, our people hail from the far corners of it. The grand experiment worked. An open society where the charter of freedom, liberty and fair competition make people better, happier and more productive. The case is closed.

Our ancestors came from everywhere to this place for a dream, and now we can share this dream.

Look to the United States of America for ways to improve your country. We only want peace, and so do you. it is our common goal. It can happen.

When the world becomes more like America, I will then believe in globalism. 

Got a better plan??

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