Can America Save The World?

The thought had crossed my mind we were being punished by God for being poor stewards of the earth. Maybe we can’t handle freedom; maybe human beings will never change and we are selfish pigs who deserve what happens because it was we who made it happen.

I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way when looking at the chaos and decay of the world today.

After all, it was a Godless country who developed this perfect flu, Covid-19, a mysterious grim reaper who can be anywhere and snatch any life at any time. China made this happen, but it appears America had a hand in it too if what is suspected turns out to be true. I will leave that to the crack team over at Foggy Bottom to figure it out. Either way, it was probably stupid humans doing foolish things because we are full of hubris, the kind of hubris that will end in our own demise.

I believe God doesn’t want us to suffer, but I said the same thing about my own children until they started acting irresponsibly and started doing things they knew were wrong, just like many governments are doing, just like many central planners are doing, trying to exploit the earth as if it belongs to them. I wrote about this often, but I want to be specific about this particular issue.

If you look at the way things are today, with unemployment, fear, media propaganda, the misuse of tech, the exploitation of people, the anger, the frustration, poverty, and on and on, human beings deserve what happens next, and we are getting it.

But I know something that can actually change things around. It will help us transform the world. America and the American way must be exported to the rest of the world.

I hear the chuckles from the globalists and that’s okay. It’s a tough sell, I know. But hear me out.

Lost in the clamor of today’s noise is the robustness of America’s system, compared to most other governments, standing as a triumphant success despite the pandemic; we survived and are thriving today. Wealth still gets created and quality of life does improve despite the abhorrent leadership that runs rampant in our country in the present day. Even a feckless, ice-cream-loving political hack like Joe Biden can’t screw up America, though he is trying.

All of this proof of America’s robustness as a system of government.

So why does America offer the world hope?

Because of one simple thing. We are not a country, we are a federation of countries, we just happen to call them States. 

245 years ago a few colonies got together and decided to give government another try, but instead of a government giving power to people, they tried the opposite.

Each State, for example, is fairly represented by two Senators and proportional representation. We also set up a judicial branch and an executive branch with limited but equal powers.


This trilateral disbursement of power ensures the people who hold regular elections, have the final say on leadership, and no State attacks the other. It is unlikely Florida will ever attack California, and it’s a beautiful thing, because local sovereignty gave way to national sovereignty.

People also have freedom to gather, to protect themselves and to exchange in commerce with rules of fair competition. And it is this coordination of ideas that makes us the prefect template for any country. It’s the special sauce that helps keep the peace. 

I say this because it’s worth repeating. America offers a template for world peace. 

Each nation, including our own, agrees to fair representation. No country can go to war with any other, period. We all compete to be providers of whatever it is our country sells. We elect leaders who have integrity, not influence. We hold leaders accountable to uphold the public trusts, and when they do not, we boot them out!

This is what has prevented America from becoming a third world country.

We are a nation of laws and of checks and especially balances on power.

It works.

Do not misunderstand.

I am not talking about exporting American culture, but rather, the premise of liberty, frequent elections, oversight, the power of law, the distribution of power coming from the people and not the government. These are ideas worth sharing because they are effective.

If there is a hope for peace, follow us. Follow what we have learned.

If we do not change the ways of humanity wars will continue, violence will continue, mass starvation and human exploitation will continue, pollution, waste and pestilence will continue.

It will be because we simply weren’t worth saving, even to ourselves.

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