Conservatism Didn’t Do This

Some people ask me why I went from being a liberal hippy dude to a conservative. Many people in my own family believe I have changed to become a radical conservative.

Isn’t that funny?

Just because I didn’t hate Donald Trump I get branded a radical conservative. How did that happen?

The truth is as I grew, got married, had kids, started paying attention to what the government was doing,

I came to an opinion that policies are being embraced which make quality of life go down for not just me, but for everyone.

I also witnessed many people taking advantage of the system by getting benefits while I received none. My wife and I couldn’t afford good health insurance while our children were small. Luckily no huge sickness or accident took place, but I wasn’t expecting free insurance, either.

It was a priority that rent and food were first, but I understood insurance costs are also high because I am subsidizing other people who do not work and who live destructive lives, like drug addicts who depend on the system for food, housing and healthcare, but then continue to live life like it’s a party.

This is what 50 million dollars pays for every year in California. California has the highest number of homeless, unemployed and mentally ill patients than any other State. It is a massive welfare State, which is why the middle class is shrinking and the poverty class is growing. Money is being used to fund social programs with ever-growing costs. Meanwhile, real estate is so high few can afford it because of the number of regulations and ant-growth restrictions legislators have put in place.

All of this is a long way of saying that I realized the government is working against me, which is why I left California and realized liberalism was killing the State.

Santa Barbara is a great example of how liberalism has run amok.

Solely because of the few wealthy class in Montecito, who pay billions in property taxes, do special interest groups flourish.

Homeless are drawn to the free services like crazy. All of it subsidized by the rich.

Santa Barbara is a microcosm of California, and it’s why even before the pandemic California was 52 billion dollars in the rear with expenses.

Gavin Newsome got a kiss when the pandemic relief funds came his way, and he has been handing out cash ever since.

Add to this the number of advocacy groups who now get protection and funding from government.

Most of these groups are fine with me. I don’t care too much about LGBTQ issues but I do agree gay people shouldn’t be discriminated against. But by the same token I don’t think who you sleep with should get you an advantage, either.

I also think kids shouldn’t be targeted for trans therapy because it is becoming a fad with kids who crave attention and the medical industry is exploiting this for financial gain.

Parents who support trans kids are being brainwashed by woke advocates who believe sex is a choice and not a biological fact.

This kind of thinking is not only confusing, but not good for society. Imagine if everyone could just choose whatever sex they wanted to be, where would it end?

As far as race. I grew up poor in black and hispanic neighborhoods and I can affirm there is most definley racism. I have the scars to prove it (I am caucasian).

When adults start acting like children society breaks down. That’s was liberalism is doing. People are divided, everyone is being charged with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.

People are not talking to one another because they are afraid of offending someone, because they probably will. This cannot bode well for a society that prides itself on freedom of speech.

Social media has allowed all of us to read everyone else’s mind, and the progressive woke use social media to quash free speech and punish people who do not share similar views.

So if free speech is a conservative principle, why aren’t you conservative? That is my question.

We all keep feeding on each others worst emotions: hate, anger, fear, resentment, revenge. This is what progressive ideas have done. Politics have been weaponized so that even being a conservative is considered a national security threat to many of my liberal friends.

Bigotry among adukt liberals is what’s driving division.

I don’t think I became a conservative, I just decided that certain things like family, liberty, free speech, free-market capitalism (the ability to use one’s resources to make an honest living) were more important to me that social justice and climate change – which moved away from keeping the environment clean and became about energy control.

These things reeked of political manuevering. Not my thing.

Sadly, most human beings will be silent if compelled because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves; no one wants to push back against the wave. This is why so many people wear the mask. They want to be invisible.

This is also why dictator’s succeed.

Dictators can take anything away, and they will if you let them.

Joe Biden is a dictator. We all thought it would be Trump, but it turns out Joe is the guy willing to sick the government on you if you don’t comply, meanwhile he is ruining the American economy despite the fact that people want to get back to their lives.

If all of this means I am a conservative, then why aren’t you?

America is becoming a third world country, and if you go to places like New York, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Baltimore, Washington DC and Portland, you will see social decay you never thought would have imagined could happen.

All from liberal policies.

This isn’t because of conservatism. It’s because we are being led by very bad leaders, most of whom wear the Democrat badge proudly, like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortex, Kamala Harris, Eric Garcetti, Gavin Newsome, Bill DeBlasio, etc. 

I didn’t move right, everyone else moved left, way left. The anti-establishment has become pro-establishment. Groupthink seems to rule the day.

Conservatism didn’t do this. I am just trying to keep my country from going over the cliff.

How about you?

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