The Media Is The Problem

How can we be so divided?

Until the modern age and before we had three major news networks informing us what happened that day, before Walter Cronkite said those famous words, “and that’s the way it was,” people mostly read newspapers and talked to neighbors. There were certain understood rules in the game that existed long before news media came along and corrupted a free society. Some of those rules were, there was honor, family was crucial and if you didn’t want to get killed, you didn’t break the law. Tocqueville is famous for his examination of American society in the mid 1800’s, a fair place where common decency existed because we discovered such arrangement made it a lot easier to live and survive.

When I say “most people” I mean 80 percent of the country before 1900 held to the same general view of common decency. The divisions of political parties were based on law and regulation, but people mostly had little faith in big government and preferred it not to intervene. Today Joe Biden is sending government employees door to door to encourage vaccinations, in 1850 such an idea would have been seen as overreaching, not the job of the federal government, perhaps even insulting to the American people. We are a self-preserving bunch, and without the media to stir shit controversy and set people against one another, people generally insist on being left alone.

That’s the thing, we do need a free press, but today’s media is no such thing. Free has been replaced with being bought and paid for.

It sounds like an exaggeration, but until media came along there was more harmony between people. Today’s media determines the narrative, so if the narrative is every single American needs to get a vaccine shot then that is the narrative and there is nothing you can do to escape it.

It sets up a ‘do or don’t’ scenario, what I call the ‘sucker’s choice.’

Much of the media today is the reporting of what someone said or what a newspaper outlet sprinted; Much of daytime debate shows are merely a repercussion of the original story. Someone will undoubtedly make a comment and then you and I will pick sides.

We have been redcued to a nation picking sides in some kind of Hegelian dialogue where there is Us and Them. We have been divided into camps and each day the media tosses the meat into acircle, and like ravaged dogs we tear it apart until there is nothing left to consume.

The two factions are set against each other, not because they are ignorant, but because they are led to believe there is only one side, theirs. And if you don’t agree then you are on the other side, the side that is wrong.

You either hated Trump or you didn;t. It drove ratings and it made people rich.

Almost every significant social issue being debated today is viewed through a bi-focal lense, from racism, to LGBTQ, religion, politics, even wearing a mask; all orchestrated by a media that just happens to be, at the present, in lock-step with the federal government under the guidance of a Democrat president and a socially progressive chief of Staff.

Today the news cycle is driven by the governments desire to regulate information about coronavirus. The media has taken its cue that only it can determine who gets to provide information; Twitter, Facebook, Google and major News Networks will decide who holds the keys what can be said and who can say it, and since these great information providers are all decidedly progressively Left, dissent will be squashed on the right.

When the Barrington Letter appeared in the mid 2020’s declaring an end to lockdowns because of the effect it was have on the poor around the world and in America, mainstream Western media blocked it completely. It wasn’t reported on, it was hideen or blocked. The video of a half dozen highly respected health professionals was pulled down from YouTube, and unless you looked to alternative news media. (Demonized as extreme by the Left) then you wouldn’t have known that the world’s top doctors were demanding an end to lockdowns. It doesn’t matter if you agree with lockdowns or not, what matters is someone else was making the choice as to what you could see and what you could hear.

And this is how fast America can become totalitarian.

Somewhere in a federal prison over sixty American citizen are spending time be will have the label of ‘felon’ for the rest of their lives because they dared to challenge an election.

Meanwhile, another group of U.S. citizen who burnt down businesses in the name of social justice are running free.

The difference is the media made one group an enemy of the people and the other group victims of the people, all baseed on the judgement of those who we call the Press.

When you watch the news tonight remember one thing. The people bringing it to you hate you and they hate America, and they want you to hate America too, so that you won’t mind watching it burn to the ground. When ABC or CBS tells you a story you must remember it is contrived. JUst tonight ABC led with more coronavirus fear-porn, incompletely reporting for example, that deaths from COVID in the US is down 92% from January.

As I said, up until recent times we didn’t have a powerfully tendrilled media, nor did we need one.

Until we can become wise in our execution of information, until we can return to integrity in reporting and remove agenda-driven reporters and have the press accountable to facts, we will continue to be divided by this most corrupt use of one of the most important institutions in the United States, one even enshrined in our U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Jim Watkins is 30-year media broadcast specialist and consultant.

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