Bad Salesman and The Car Shopping Experience

After many years my wife and I decided we would look into getting a newer car. Against my own instincts I went to a local car dealership and what happened was exactly what I thought would happen. An agressive salesperson came to me within 15 seconds of my feet hitting the pavement and started asking me questions. I said to him I just got there and to give me some space and time and he proceeded to ask me more questions, to which I spent a few minutes telling him my last encounter that ended with me never going back to the previous dealership.

He never gave me what I wanted and the process of salespeople that harangue customers in the car sales industry is beyond atrocious. I feel for any car salesman that has to go through the training on fifty-ways to annoy your customer.

I also took note of just what we have produced in a little more than a hundred years of producing cars. They proliferate like children; they are everywhere and I believe they may outnumber humans by now by four times.

In a lot of ways cars have brought about great innovation not only in travel, but in computer technology and engineering advancment. Automtove tech is one of modern man’s finest acheivements, which is why when it is reduced to a sloppy salesman who wants to upsell the shit out of you, the whole experience becomes spoiled.

Getting a new car should be a highly pleasurable experience, not one in which you avoid the sales guy or wish you were doing something else like getting a colonoscopy, but rather, one in which you pick the best suited vehicle to carry you through life. Look at the prices and you see the level of commitment we make, why does this naggy aggressive sales approach even still happen? That is so 50’s.

I know I will get flooded by email from people telling me there are way to order a car online, and I will tell them I know this, and actually like the idea. But I also like seeing and smelling the vehicle before I buy it. Too bad I also have to see and smell the guy trying to sell it to me.

I have it down to two vehicles, my wife and I have been forced to do good research on what we want. We started by asking ourselves what are our top priorities were in the vehicle. A good salesman would also ask these questions, hint, hint.

I’ll let you know how it comes out, but one thing is for sure as I consider my next mode of transportation, in the end, they all look pretty much the same. The more money you spend, the better the quality. That hasn’t changed one bit, as is true with life. The more you invest, you more quality you receive in returns.

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